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I rested my head on my two palms as I lay straight on my bed.


I couldn’t even take the diary to continue reading. Donald said Kim killed my parents only for Kim to tell me that Donald actually did.


Gosh! I really wish that girl called Jennifer had not thrown the first diary inside fire. I would have understood how everything went on but everything just seems complicated right now.


Nevertheless ,this third diary should still throw more light.


I went to where I kept the diary and began to search for it but I couldn’t find it.


“I kept it here.” I murmured to myself assuredly.


I searched every hooks and crannies of my room but I still couldn’t find it.


I was frustrated. I locked the room when I was going out and met it locked when I came so no one could have entered this room.


I kept imagining where else I could have kept the diary. What I’m sure of is that I actually know where I kept it.


I squatted to the floor hoping that the diary that I had being hoping to get more details on whom the killer of my parents is has not fallen into the hands of another.




I heard a knock to my door all of a sudden and I darted my face to the direction of the door.


I was so dejected to even stand and open the door.


“Who is it ?” I asked from where I sat.


“Would you open the door first.” Her voice came through. I knew who it is already.


I stood and went to twist the knob of the door.


She entered and starred around the room.


I watched her wondering why she had come to my room.



“The hustle to know whom the killer of your parent is real, don’t you think you might end up getting killed in the struggle to know whom the killer is?” She asked.


“Then I will die in peace. I will not know rest until I bring to Justice the killer of my parents ” I said and she laughed mockingly at me.


“I burnt the diary you are searching for. ” She said to my surprise.


She kept giggling mockingly and wickedly as she walked out.


I angrily went after her and gave her a punch in her neck.


“Why are you hiding the truth from me ? Why did you keep stealing it away from me ?” I barked angrily and to my surprise she start jugging away.


I ran after her and she increased her speed.


She entered a room and I entered too, I felt a rope tied me by my leg all of a sudden and I fell to the floor.


I gazed round the room and it dawn on me at once that she had only trapped me.




I looked into her face and she laughed.


“You will never get to know who killed your parents ” She said and grinned wickedly.

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