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“You bastard drugged me ? ” I heard him say and I knew at once that he must have gone to the hospital to enquire about his abrupt long hours sleep.


“I can explain sir. ” I said and moved close to him cause he was holding a gun.


“Explain what?” He yelled and directed his gun at me.


I rolled on the floor all of a sudden and kicked him by his legs. He almost fell but supported himself with his right hand.


Fortunately,his gun fell from his hand. He stood hurriedly to pick the gun but I was quick enough to kick it somewhere far.


I could see anger expressed on his face. He maintained a fighting position and I just smiled.


He even wants to fight with me ? I would not like to beat the hell out of my boss.


Not like I really wish to be rude ,though. But I can’t watch him kill me just like that.


He ran to me and began to hit me while I just let him. I didn’t want to fight him back cause I know I will easily defeat him..


“Take it easy Donald. ” Jennifer walked into our midst.




She was able to separate Donald from me.


“What happened ?” She asked Donald.


“She drugged me.” Donald said and looked at me angrily. he had hit me so hard while I hardly feel any pain


I’m sure he will be the one feeling the pains in his hand currently.


Jessica looked at me like she was oblivious of the fact that I drugged him.


“What! You drugged him? Are you crazy?” She slapped me.


She turned to Donald and said. ” I told you not to give in to this useless girl. You should just resell her. If she can drug you then she can kill you.”



Donald kept shaking his head and walked away.


He came back with the gun that I had kicked away. “You are becoming a threat to me in this house” He said as he hits my head with the gun all of a sudden.


I staggered back as blood spill from a side of my head.


“Don’t kill him Donald ,just sell her off.” Jennifer said.


“No, she’s on a mission and I need to stop it. ” Donald pointed his gun at me.


Jennifer went to Donald and whispered into his ear.


Donald looked at her face stunningly while she nodded.


Donald walked away while I just allow myself fall to the floor.


I was hurting all over as a result of my bleeding head.


Jennifer came to me and said ; ” I think it’s high time you let go of whatever investigation you are trying to make. You will die before finding out anything!” She said and stood.


“Help me please. ” I said and she bent and carried me to a room in the house.


She administered drugs to me and helped place a bandage to my head.


In few seconds ,I slept off.


I woke up few hours later as a result of the night mare that I had. I saw the man that killed my parents kill me too.”


It’s so scary that I was still scared after waking up.


According to the few pages that I was able to read. I think Donald was the one that was sent to execute my parent. Does that mean he’s the killer?


Gosh! I just need something to confirm. If only I’m able to read the whole pages of thwe diary.


I was regretting of handing over the diary to Jennifer only for her not to give me any substantial information and worst of it all ,throw the diary inside the furnace




An idea popped into my head and that was to search more to see if Donald had other diaries.


Yes, I would do just that.

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