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I heard a knock to my door and I went to the door and opened it. It was Donald.


He walked inside slowly and went to sit by my bed.


“Sorry for the ways I had behaved to you lately but I must say you really tempted me into getting angry with you. I know you are trying to find out if I were the one that killed your parents because of my reactions the day you told me. ” He said and I just watched him without expressing any emotions.


“Reply ” He said.


“Not really Sir” I answered.


“I did not kill your parents with my hands but I was sent to kill them by my father. ” He said and my head spin.


I remembered the part of the diaries that I had read and that it was a lady that actually claimed to kill my parent and that lady seems to be his girlfriend.


I kept quiet anyways.


“Don’t bother yourself finding out who kill your parent ,we are behind it. When you are ready to take your revenge ,start from me ” He said and walked away.


But it was a man that actually killed my parents cause I saw it with my bare eyes.




I remembered that his girlfriend actually gave the job to one K


I ran to his room and I saw him at the entrance. He was about entering his room.


“Please ,do you know K? ”


He looked at me with surprise and asked; “How did you get to know whom K is?”


“Seems he’s the one that killed my parents!” I said.


“Yes, he’s the one. But he’s unbeatable”


“Who is he? Where does he live? ”



“Hum! The K is the person you know”




“Tell me sir!” I requested and he nodded.


He’s …

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