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I ran inside my room and fell to the floor and began to cry.


Jessica ,I’m so sorry. What you are about to find out about me is dangerous. You shouldn’t know it.


I wish I can shoot you to death so I can have the peace of mind I wish but I can’t.


I wish I can sel you away but I can’t. I wish I can do without you but I can’t.


I do not know if I really love you but this feeling I’m having towards you is strong. It’s against the principle of camp for masters to have any feelings whatsoever for their properties.


This is the reason why I am trying to avoid you. I knew the nightmares will never stop coming .


If this man in this book is your father then I know you will fight and take revenge.


You will fight our empire. I really wish what happened to your father had not happened to him but I’m sorry.


I know you can not forgive us ,but please do. We have hurt you and made you an ordinary property and now I had shot you again.


I did not know why you like being around me maybe it’s because you just like me or because you want to find out about the death of this man here.




I cried so hard and I felt like going to her at that moment to apologize for shooting her but I can’t.


I can’t stoop that low. But seems I’m beginning to like this girl. As much as I’m trying to fight the feeling , I still love it.


I love it when I touch her. I love it when she looks into my face with a petite face.


But we might have hurt her in the past. Even if I accept my feelings ,she will never retort it cause she must fight what we had taken from her in one night.


I heard a gentle knock on the door and I hurriedly cleaned myself up.


I went to the door after few seconds to open and saw Jennifer standing with no expression.


“Like seriously? You shot her. Did you want her dead?” She asked.



I wanted to speak but If I did ,I will cry. I do not want to shoot her but I have to do something that will make her stop investigating the death of her father.


And now that she has seeing the image of a man whom I assume to be her father ,she may not stop.


“Donald, why did you shoot her ?”


I still couldn’t speak cause I was so emotional and regretting every bit of my actions.




I turned from her and went to lay on my bed.


“Well,she’s dead” Jennifer said.

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