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Donald speaking in diary.


I can’t really explain why I took so much interest in knowing who K is. I had pleaded with her for my actions that made her walk away from me the last time and she had agreed but I promise myself to find out whom K is and what Job she must have given to her.


About five days later ,we were playing inside my room when she suddenly told me she needs to shower.


She went and left her phone behind. I opened it and search quickly for any contact called K.


I saved the digit quickly inside my phone and dropped her phone.


She came back few seconds later and slept.


She left after series of jokes and discussion.


I picked my phone and called the K immediately and it was picked at the third ring.


“K , what’s up?” I asked and he went silent for a while.


“Donald. ” He called my name to my surprise and I almost lost balance on phone.




“Only your girlfriend knows me as K ,so I knew at once that only her boyfriend must have called. ”


“Oh! ” I was quiet for a while.


“What did you want ?”


“Erm…what Job did you do for her?”


“Excuse me ? You really want to know about the privacy of your girlfriend and I? If you really want to know about it ,why not ask her instead?”


“She’s not ready to confess ,just tell me , I will pay you twice the amount she offers. ” I said and he laughed.


“Funny ,I’m not poor. I’m sure she did not have half of the money she will pay me. Reason why I sent that message”



“Is it that exorbitant?”


“Exorbitant enough to buy a quarter of your father’s shares ” He said.


“What! What sort of a horrible job is that and why would she even go into that deal with you?”


“I trust her , she’s smart. She will get the money for me in no time. ” he said.


“I will still pay twice,just tell me.” I said.


“We don’t deal with words of mouth, let’s see. We make the agreement and I tell you after which you pay within fourteen days ”


“Where do we meet?”


“I will send the address to you.”





Jessica’s POV continues.


Good , I’m getting somewhere. I went to the door to check if it is locked. After confirming that it’s locked, I sipped in water and flipped the next page open.

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