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I flipped the book open to book 2 it reads;



Donald speaking in diary.


Following day ,I went to dad’s office with fear mixed with nervousness but I maintained a look of victory on my face.


“Welcome son” He welcomed me gladly.


“Thanks. Job done. ” I said.


“Good of you my son. Now you are finally free from working with me. I will forward a huge sum of cash into your account and hand over our company at Washington DC to you!”


“Thanks Dad ” I said and stood ready to leave.


Dad and I aren’t that close in terms of Father to son , we talk business strictly.


“Wait son!” He said and I turned.


“Did you kill the couple’s only daughter?” The question caught me unguarded, I do not even know if the couple had a daughter or not.




“I killed every single thing that lives In that house ” I said and he nodded.


“Good ,we are safe then”.


I walked away.



Page 3


Three hours later , I met with her in her house and we start to discuss on random stuffs.


I told her how dad easily fell into my lies. I knew him to be very smart and was expecting him to detect easily that I didn’t kill them but he didn’t.


“I won’t do anything that will jeopardize your relationship with father ” She said and I nodded.


We began to discuss on random things and joke. She stood to ease herself and just then ,a message entered her phone.



At first , I wanted to ignore but I decide to check what could be inside the message.


She’s my girlfriend anyways and we shouldn’t feel somehow checking our messages.


The message reads;


“Money not yet completed , I don’t joke. From K. ”


I couldn’t understand the message. She came around after few minutes and I narrated the message I read on her phone.


“Who is K? ” I asked. “And what Job did he do for you?”


“Why are you asking me such questions like you are my father! We are only boyfriend and girlfriend and we should still have some privacy. Does the message look like I’m cheating on you?”


“Common , don’t be angry , I’m just being curious.” I said but she carried her bag instead and walked away.


I regretted asking her such question but who in the world is K?.




Jessica’s POV continues.


After reading the third page ,I close the book and meditated on the parts that I had read.


The girl here is Donald’s friend,even though her name was not mentioned ,Donald had told me a long time that Jennifer was once her girlfriend but I knew the person that killed my parent is a male and not a female.




The girlfriend must have only lied to Donald. Maybe she gave the job to another person to do.


I’m really confused right now but I will keep reading till I find out what I need.

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