Fri. Feb 9th, 2024

Jessica ^




I came to consciousness and wondered where I was. I could not even raise my hands. My eyes were closed and I can’t even open it.


I was as good as dead. I hope I will be fine soon, I must still take revenge though.


“Please ,open your eyes, open your eyes dear “I heard Donald say.


I maintained a closed eye and wondered why he is referring to me as ‘dear’


“I thought you were dead but you are still breathing. I’m sorry for shooting you. Please stay alive. I really want you to be around me ” I heard him said and I wonder what he meant by wanting me to stay alive.


Thought he wanted me dead?




Threw days later , I got better ,All I know is that I received injection daily ,I have no idea who was giving me or wat injection was being administered to me.


I stood up from the chair happy that I’m now getting better when the door creaked open.


I darted my face to the door and I saw Donald enter with a pathetic look.




“I’m glad you fine” He said and I lowered my head slightly.


“I will be selling you off ,though. And this time , don’t ever come back” He said and I looked to him in surprise.


“Sell me off ,why?” I asked.


“My temper sometimes you can be uncontrollable. I do not want to kill you myself ” He said.


“But…Please don’t sell me off” I pleaded.


“That man you saw at the first page of the diary ,who is he to you?” He asked.


“I do not know him. ” I lied. “Please don’t sell me off.”









“Then I’m not selling you off again” he said and I thanked him.

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