Fri. Feb 9th, 2024





I furrowed my brow in shock.

My father ! Why usbuis diagram here?


I was about to open the second page when the door flings open roughly.


Before I could hide it ,I saw Donald staring at the book in my hand.


He walked to me and collected the book from me.


“Why did you intrude on my privacy?” He asked and I just watched him not knowing what to say.


“Answer my question?” He yelled and angrily brought out his gun from his back pocket.


He stretched it to me and asked. “I ask why you enter my room without my consent?”


“Erm…” while I was struggling for what to say ,he shot me by my leg and I fell to the floor painfully screaming


My legs began to bleed and the pain was really surfing through my whole body.


He released one more bullet to my wrist and I screamed out loud in pain.




I watched him walk away while I grown in pain. My body was growing so weak and I knew that if no one helps me anytime soon ,I would be dead.


I wish I could help myself but I’m helpless now. I was fast loosing blood when I noticed someone enter.


“Jessica!” I heard Jennifer call and I looked to her faintly.


She rushed to me and looked around my body.


“Jeez. ” I heard her exclaim and ran out.


I felt myself leaving my body but I kept opening my eyes even while it was closing by itself.


I do not want to die especially when I’ve not known whom the killer of my parents is.



I hope I will be able to revenge. But It seems I will be dying now.




Jennifer entered with a first aid box and began to administer the drug to me.


“Calling the ambulance now may put Donald in trouble cause he will be interrogated on why he shut you” That was the last word I heard before everything faded into darkness.

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