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I woke and find myself laying on the floor. What in the world happened to me ? The first thing my heart darted to was the diary I kept in my stomach.


I hastily touched my stomach to check if the book is still there but it isn’t


“What! ” I yelled and ran outside the house straight to Jessica’s room.


“Where is the diary?” I asked in fear of the assumption that she had read it.


“Diary? I do not know about that sir ” She said.


“You took the diary in my belly when I slept off.” I yelled.


“I didn’t do something of such sir” She said.


I turned round like I was going crazy. I ran away from her room to the living room to check the time only for me to find out that I had slept for more than six hours.


What! How in the world can I sleep at a time like that and worst of it all ,I did not know when I slept.


Am I so bad at sleeping.




No, something is wrong somewhere.


I walked out straight to my car and drove to the hospital. I explained to the doctor what happened to me.


“What did you remember eating before you slept ?”


“I ate salad and took a drink.”


“Who served you?”


“My property , my maid. ” I said so he can properly understand what I meant by property.


“She must have drugged the drink you take. ” He said and I hit my two palms on the table and stood angrily.



“Calm down Mr. Donald. It’s just the closest assumption right now but it’s good that you undergo a text just for confirmation.” he said and I tried calming myself down a bit.


He ordered me to go for the text in a particular laboratory in the hospital.


I came back to the doctor with the result of the text and he scanned through it and raised his head at me.


“Yes ,the drink is drugged .” The doctor said and my head rang.


I smirked angrily. So Jessica drugged me so she can take the diary to read. She must have read it and find out the truth.


Time to kill her once and for all. I would not allow my feelings for her blind me this time.


I drove home angrily and on arriving. I stepped down with my gun.




“Jessica!” I yelled. “Jessica!” I yelled again and she came into view.


“You bastard ” I cursed angrily.

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