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The door opened all of sudden and I saw Grace walked in swiftly as if searching for something .


“Why is he laying like this ?” She asked.


“I do not know” I answered hiding the book in my back.


She squatted before Donald and began to tap him in a bit to wake him but he’s sound asleep like a log of wood.


She looked up to me and traced my hand ,I knew she had noticed that I was hiding something.


She walked up to me and stretched her hand. “Let me have what is in your hand?”


“What? Nothing please. ” I said and she smirked.


She sent a hot slap to my check and I slowly turned my face to her.


“Why did you slap me ,you know I’m just recovering” I said still hiding the book.


“Let me have what you are hiding” He repeated again and this time and I just looked away still hiding the book behind me.




She sent another slap to my check. ,it was hot and heavy that it sent me down knocking to the floor.


The book came into light and before she could snatch it from me and I let the book escape her and stood abruptly ready to fight her.


“Isn’t that Donald’s diary?” She asked and I didn’t reply.


I just remained mute and maintained my fighting position.


She smirked and walked a bit close to me. “Like seriously? You want to fight me and you know you are just recovering. Isn’t that a suicide mission. I caught you red handed already ,so let me have the book and tell you some things you need to know. ” she said and her last words interest me. ” I know more about Donald than you think plus I had read the whole of that book and I know even beyond that. So give it to me and ask me whatever questions you want to ask directly. ” she said and I let loose my guard.


I threw the book to her and she smirked at me.


“Good girl.” She said and I kept looking into her face. She flipped through the pages of the book and looked at me.



“Have your sit.” she said and I obliged.


“What did you want to know?” She asked and I kept mute still.


“Talk to me ? Or would you like telling me what you used on Donald first? ”


“I used a sleeping pill on him ” I confessed.


“Five hours?”


“No ,six hours.”


“We have all the time then. What are you curious about ?” She asked but I kept mute.


I was still thinking if telling her is right or wrong!


She opened the first page of the book and showed the picture to me. “Who is this person to you?”


“My father’s friend . ” I lied.


“And this?” She showed me the picture of a woman at the second page.


“The wife of my father’s friend ” I lied and she nodded.


“Are you curious in knowing who killed them actually?”


“Not really investigating their death. I just want to know more about Donald. ” I said.


“You sound like you are really investigating. Anyways ,what would you like to know about Donald?”


“Does he kill?”


“Many ,he has killed many in the past.”


“Is he the one that killed..

” I paused. “Never mind ”


“…your father’s friend and his wife ?” She completed the statement and smiled. “He’s not but we can also say he is ”


“What does that mean?” I asked getting more interested in what she’s saying.


“It’s a pretty long story ,you can’t find it all in this book.” she said.


“Please tell me. ” I pleaded and she stood.


“Follow me ” She said and I followed her. She took me to the furnace at the backyard of the house and threw the diary right there before me.


“Oh my days! ” I screamed. “When Donald waked and can’t find the book , won’t he think I had come for it again?”


“Maybe ,I don’t care. Stop pocknosing into bigger affairs ” She said and left.




As I watched her left ,I marked as a suspect too.


There is something fishy with her. I must find out. I won’t rest until I find out the truth about the death of my parent and take revenge.

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