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I blinked my face when I realize that I was only imagining him saying I LOVE YOU but in reality he was just starring at me with no expression.


I walked down victoriously to Kim. “Thanks for making me proud ”


I blushed and he told me to follow him. I really thought I had lost but I’m glad I won.


I followed him up the stadium and then we appeared to a large room, the chairs there made it look like that of executives.


He gestured for me to sit in one of the seats and I obliged while he sat beside me.


After waiting for several minutes, some men dressed in suit began to walk in and sat , just few seconds after they are all settled ,a man I assumed to be their leader walked in.


He sat and everyone stood to honor him, I did the same and sat as everyone sat.


“Such a fantastic competition. It went well ” He said and smiled.


“You all did well ” He added and everyone expressed a grateful attitude in their various ways to him.


“This lady here won , Kim must have expended all his energy on this lady ,I could remember the look on his face last year after he got defeated in final” He said and chuckling could be heard from few members.




“Young lady , we are really happy to have you here with us. You won the competition and our reward is for you to ask a single thing and we will grant it for you” He said.


“Everyone in the past had asked for their freedom which I’m also expecting you to ask. If you want to ask of your freedom ,I’ll grant it this minute ” He said.


“Thank you sir ,but I do not want freedom” I said and all eyes set on me in a serious manner.


There was a moment of silence in a brief moment of introspection.


“What did you want?” The leader asked.


“I want to go back to my previous boss’s house ” I said.


“Jessica!” Kim screamed my name.



“Take it easy Kim. Who is your previous master ?” The leader asked.


“Donald !”


“Donald Johnson ? Amazing. You would rather trade your freedom to be with a man. He would sell you again just like he had plus how will you show your act of gratefulness to Kim that really thought you so much about fighting and made you win” The leader said.


“Thant’s what I want sir ” I insisted.




“Request granted. ” The leader said.


Did you think Jessica made the right decision?

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