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I watched Donald leave after few minutes and I sighed. I managed to throw my legs to the floor and looked around the house.


It’s being days I see the world. I thought I had died.


So he won’t sell me off again cause I told him I did not recognize the man at the front page of the book.


Well ,I won’t stop until I found out who really killed my parent.


Different ideas on how to go about it keeps dropping into my heart and I finally chose the one I thought to be the best.


Around 8 PM in the evening. I took a drink and served Donald with it. He had requested of me to get him a drink.


About an hour later , I went to his room majestically and saw him sleeping on the floor.


Good! I had mixed a 12 hours sleeping pill with it and it worked on him as I had wished.


I opened his wardrobe in a bit to take the diary but I can’t find it there again.


Bad! I began to eye search everywhere for it, I moved to different parts of the room and searched for it for almost an hour but I still couldn’t find it.




I got really sad that I couldn’t find it. I was thinking of where else to find when an idea popped into my head.


I walked to where he lay and began to search his body and I suddenly felt something on his stomach.


I opened his cloth and behold the diary at his stomach.


There must have being some big secretes in this book for him to hide it even in his belly.


I went to his bed and sat in it comfortably , I knew it would still take many more hours before he woke and I would have returned the book in his belly by then.


I flipped the book open and saw the image of my father in the first page like I had seen it before. I opened the second page and saw the image of my



My heart skipped and I looked to him on the floor the directed my gaze back at the book.I opened the first page and it reads;



Donald speaking in dairy.


Father had summoned for me this day to show up in his empire. It was an hectic day for me but I had to obey father.


If there is anything father hates , it’s for him to be disrespected.


“Welcome son” My father said as I entered his office.


Two other men in suit were sitting on the chairs before him.


He gestured for me to sit in the the chair and I did.


“Remember the business I told you about weeks ago? The three man business. We had just made our first hit and they really want us to share the money. And you know us pretty well here ,we don’t share. ” my father said.


“Yes Father.” I replied.


“I need you to take the most stubborn one amidst us down ,the second one can be dealt with later” He said and I nodded.


“No problem sir. But dad ,You promise the last time I went on an operation that I would never kill again but seems I would be killing again ” I said.


“Yes,I promised. But do this and I will let you go to the world and live on your own. You do not have to work for me anymore or have the fear that I may send you any more work like this in the future. ”


“Alright Father ” I said.






Jessica’s POV continues.


I exhaled my brow on reading the first page. I nodded my head getting angry already in assumption that what I’m thinking already may be true.

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