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I stood from my bed in fear and peeked into the face of Jennifer.


“Dead!” I shouted.


“Yes ,but you shot her , so?” She said and my heart began to beat so fast like I had lost something so close to me.


“No, she can’t die …” I said and went to her room in look for her but I couldn’t find her.


I went back to Jennifer and asked where Jessica is.


“I threw her into the furnace to cover up for your criminal act” She said and my leg cold not longer hold me.


I fell to the floor and my body hit the tiled floor painfully but I didn’t feel the pain.


The pain coming from my hear was so much that I felt like die-ing.


I shouldn’t have shot her but she really made me angry.


I noticed Jennifer squatting beside me?




“She’s just a property , why are you crying cause you lost her ?”


I tried to raise my very heavy and sad head with tears that had customized my face to her.


I just peeked into the face of Loveth without saying any word. The fact is I wasn’t actually seeing Jennifer’s face ,I was regretting badly of shooting Jessica.


As much as I want to have peace of mind ,I do not think killing her will give me the happiness that I really want.


“You Love her right?” Jenifer asked and I buried my head on the floor again.


I began to sob so hard.


Jennifer ,please don’t die. I think I Love you ,please…Maybe I do not really Love you and I’m just confused about my feelings.



Please stay alive , this must be a dream and I must wake.




Jennifer’s POV.


I stood and watch the heartless Donald as he sobs because of an ordinary property like Jessica.


What’s so special about her , why is this girl so special to him this much.


I had only lied to him to see his reactions. I might be the loser here if he ended up loving that girl.


I had worked my place here just so he could Love me like he has always done.


Though ,I knew I hard hurt him in the past but I really need him to love and trust me as before but with this girl around ,it might be so hard.


I walked to the room that Jennifer laid and I wonder if I should just kill her so I can have Donald all for myself or let her be.




She’s still at my mercy ,she is only alive but unconscious. Or should I make her paralyze forever.


I really need to do something that will make her look impossible to Love to Donald.

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