Fri. Feb 9th, 2024





I directed the gun to my leg and looked into his face pleadingly.


“Shoot” He said and I pulled the trigger but I targeted the floor instead.


It cracks and he moved back while I stood.


“He checked my leg to see if I really shoot myself because he was surprised that I was still standing.


” Oh! You didn’t shoot yourself , let me teach you how ” He said and snatched the gun from me


He stretched it to my leg but he couldn’t shoot it. He looked into my eye and walked inside.


I exhaled feeling relaxed that he didn’t shoot it.


I shot the gun to the air just to scare him and it worked , before he could look back in surprise mixed with fear at what was happening , I fell to the floor and placed the gun before my neck like I had really shot myself.


What I really want is for him to place that handsome hand on my skin again ,he’s so handsome and I just wish those hands will never stop touching me.


He walked to me and was probably examining to confirm if I shot myself or not but I closed my eyes still




“Hey!” I heard him say but I refused to stood.


You this stubborn handsome man , you must touch me today.


“Jessica” I heard him called my name and men! It was so sweet in his mouth. I love every bit of it.


Handsome boy , please keep calling my name , I really love it but touch me too.


He finally brought his fingers closer to my nose to examine If I was breathing


But I was quick enough to notice that something is approaching my nose and so , I stopped breathing for a while.


“Are you dead for real?” I heard him say but I still refuse to reply.



He squatted before me and placed his two hands on my cheeks




Huh? Am I dreaming? Is that his hand Or?


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