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Story Written by Oyebamiji Samuel Feathers


(is she flowered?” )


^ Jessica ^


“Won’t you dress up , you fool!” My aunt shouted on me.


“I’m about to” I replied but she walked towards me instead and pushed me to the wall.


She held my neck tight and pinned me to the wall, I began to choke and keep pleading with my look.


After a while that I was almost losing consciousness , she slapped me and took her hand off , I fell to the floor and cried with my already red face.


This terrible life will never be over for me.


“Would you get you a3s off now and get dressed ” She yelled and I hurriedly stood and went to the bathroom.


I lost my mom and dad five years ago , they were shot dead by a man dressed in black from head to toe.


The man didn’t see me then but I saw him ,he’s tall and only his eye ball were left naked,all other parts of his body were kept.




Ever since then, my aunt and uncle adopted me to their home and it’s being…hell.


They had maltreated me so much , if there is anything they love : It’s to see me hurt and cry. They just want me to keep being in pain all the time.


They punish me for no reason, life had being hell for me at their home but I promised myself not to be weak and ensure that I make of something in my life.


They wouldn’t send me to school but force me to do all house chores in the house.


I have a belief that I may tell all that as a story someday that is if they had not kill me.


My aunt suddenly woke me up this morning and told me that one of the s£xiest richest tycoon is coming to buy me.


I did not understand what she really meant but I did not wish to be sold out to anyone.



Am I even a slave? I guess I am.


I dressed and went to the sitting room , surprisingly , I saw a cute man with the pinkest of lips sitting with two bodyguards behind him.


His eyes were deep blue and his sitting posture was that of a perfect gentlemen.


“This is the girl , sir ” My uncle said pointing at me


He raised his head to look at me , he examined me from head to toe


“Is she flowered?” He asked


“Yes, pure , we have never allow her go out , she has always being under our watch” my uncle replied.


“Don’t trust people , old man” He said, stood and walked towards me.


“Move!” He said and directed me to one of the rooms.


“Lay” He said and I quickly lay to the bed , scared of what he may do if I did not hurriedly obey.


He pulled off my gown , he placed his fingers in my private hood as if examining something


“Good” He said as he drew his hand back, he walked back to the living room while I followed.


This is the first time a man will ever be touch me , it really tastes so sweet but it felt really awkward.


His scent is so alluring and he looks just so handsome.


“Confirmed ” He said to my uncle and signaled for one of his guard. The guard brought a brief case and dropped it on the table before the handsome man.


He zipped it open and I could see bails of money.


My uncle opened his mouth in surprise and pulled the money closer.


“Thanks , so good of you” My uncle said and drew the money closer.


My uncle signaled for his wive to take it inside.


The handsome man stood and looked at me then walked out , the guards led me to his car.


“I was told your name is Jessica?” He asked


“Yes…yes sir” I quickly replied nervously.


He brought out a gun from his pocket and pointed it at my head


I closed my eyes in fear , what have I done to him?


“Open your eye” He said and I obliged.


“I will blow your head off if you did not follow my rules ”


I shot him an inquisitive look that questioned what the rules are:


“We live a mafia life , anyone can die anytime , protect yourself with ‘this’ , you must be able to fight and defend me. You will be trained for just eight hours , after eight hours , my two bodyguards and you will fight , If you win them, you live. If they win you meaning if you lose , I shoot you dead at the spot ” He said and walked to the car.


What! I did not even know how to throw a blow nor have I ever fight before




Eight hours training can not be enough to train me as much as beating this muscular terrible looking men, I guess I will die at last


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