Fri. Feb 9th, 2024





I finally arrived home and rested my head on the wheel of the steering of the car.


There is something odd about this man. I remember few days , As soon as I mentioned Donald , he was about telling me something but I hurriedly left thinking he would tell me some other time.


But now,he isn’t ready to disclose any more information to me about my parents.


I would not bother going to his place again but I will definitely find whom the killer of my parents are.


I stepped down from the car and walked sluggishly inside the house. The memories of the death of my parents keeps flashing across my memory.


I remembered how that man in mask from head to toe shut my parents dead in cold blood.


I won’t rest until I find that man. I will kill him myself. If that would be the only human I will kill on earth. It worth it.


Just as I was about to enter my room , A thought of actually spying on Donald’s room flashes across my mind.


My days! That’s dangerous. If he finds out ,he could practically kill me.


But how then would I find the killer of my parents if I do not undertake dangerous task.




I turned and went straight to Donald’s room. I peeped through a small opening at the door to see if he is inside but gladly,he’s not.


I twisted the knob after looking left and right to confirm if no one was watching me.


The room was so beautiful but that is not my business at the moment. I began to eye search everywhere to see if I could see at least anything that could help me.


My eyes finally darted to a book that looks like a diary on the desk beside him.


I ran to where the book is and flipped through the pages ,I confirmed that it was his personal diary.


Is it right to take this or …?


I will find a way of returning it at night. I’m sorry Donald ,I do not mean to intrude on your privacy ,I just need to avenge my parent’s death.



I placed the book underneath my cloth as I walked out and closed the door gently.




I went to my room with the book and closed the door well.


I flipped through the first page immediately to read and the first image I saw was that of my Father.

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