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The bell rang for the second round and I went to the stage, this time with a solid determination to defeat Jennifer.


As much as I have a soft spot for Donald and always want him to be happy, I just have to make Kim proud of me on this one.


She positioned herself and charged towards me first but I dogged. We began to exchange fist and her blow hit me by shoulder.


I staggered back but she was quick enough to sent two kicks to my chest. I fell to the floor and rolled tiredly on the floor.


Pain was having it’s way in my body and my chest was as heavy as rock. I tried to stand but I couldn’t.


She raised her two hands up to the crowd and her fans yelled her name.


I just watched her as she glories in her victory. She then walk towards where I lay weak ,she smirked at me and pulled me up by my hair.


That hurts me so much.


She began to give me blow in my stomach while I cried out. The crowds were counting the blow she was giving me and when the blow reaches eight , I had already felt like slumping to the floor cause her blows were just so heavy,it’s like a stone.


I tried to fold my blow and I threw one to her by her chin. She twisted her head like she didn’t feel anything.




She sent me two more blows at my stomach and I fell to the floor with my eyes getting closed.


I could hear fans hailing her. I thought I had lost the match but I won’t give up as long as the bell has not being rang.


I tried my best to stand up while she watched. I staggered and couldn’t even stand upright.


My face darted to that of Donald intentionally and I could see his mouth moving and uttering some words.


I read his lips and noticed he was saying “I hate you”


That hurts me more. He hates me for being defeated. Oh no! Everyone in the world can hate me ,not Donald.


I screamed and find energy from no where , I went to Jennifer and threw a tough blow to her but she was quick to guide and sent me a left kick.



I guided it instantly and sent her a kick by her side. She staggered and I threw my head as a spear to her stomach.


She fell instantly and everywhere became silent for few seconds.


I had also fallen but not absolutely , I stood and went to the hold the ring on the stage for balance and watch Jennifer on the floor.


Her eyes were closed and she was motionless . The referee checked up on her and after a while ,he shouted ” Ambulance !”


What the heck just happened ? I touched my head wondering what energy could have being in my head that could have knocked her down so easily.


The ambulance came to carry her off the stage while I was announced as the winner.




My face darted to that of Donald again and this time ,I could read his lips saying ” I … you”.


Guess what Donald said in the comment box.

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