Sat. Jul 20th, 2024





He stood and watched the side of my face that was hurt.

“Sorry” He said and walked away.


I smiled at how so sweet and caring he is. Who would have believed that he is this caring. He even told me ‘sorry’


I’m blushing right now. I pray I do not get healed soon so he can keep caring for me this way.


Anger arose in me as I remembered how that Jennifer of a girl wounded me.


But I’ll remain calm cause of Donald. I do not want him to feel hurt or pained cause of my actions.


I stood and went to him.




I was lost in deep sleep when a consistent knock on my door woke me.


I was angry at whoever the caller could be. I stood and went to the door angrily, I twisted the knob and pulled the door only for me to see Donald.


My anger dissolved immediately.




“Sir!” I called softly.


He entered and I closed the door. What could he want with me.


He sat and I remained standing.


“Sit” He said and I obliged.


“I’ve being curious to actually know more about you. Since you came around ,the nightmare that made me sell you off had creaked to my dream again and it’s so frustrating. I think there is something spiritual about it. How did you ended up with your aunt?”


“My aunt was the one that adopted me after my parents were murdered on a cold blood on the 25th of July, many years ago” I was explained.


“25th of July” He repeated and I thought for a while.



“What are the names of your parents?” He asked and I told him.


His face dropped and he looked away. He stood without saying a word and was almost walking away when I spoke out.


“Did you know them sir ?” I asked but he just looked at me and walked out of my room.


I lowered my head in deep thought and meditation. I think he knows something about them or at most about their death.




I knew he was trying to hide his emotions by not speaking.


I should see the man that now live in my parents house and explain the strange act of Donald about my outburst about my parent’s death.

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