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I drove to the house of the man that now live in my dead parent’s house.


I stepped down from the car and went inside the house ,of course with a gun in my pocket in case of any issue.


I noticed the door was closed. I started eye searching around until I heard someone twisted the knob of the door from inside.


The door got pulled inside and I suddenly hid somewhere and brought out my gun in direction of whom will be coming into view.


It was the man I met the previous day. But how did he lock the door from outside yet inside.


I hid my gun at my back pocket and went to him.


“Jessica ,how are you doing?” He greeted me.


“Fine sir. ” I replied.


“Come in” He said and we both walked inside


He gestured for me to sit and I obliged. I starred around the house and the environment was a new one entirely.




I would have love to discuss all the strange things around this house with him but I’m more concerned on what actually made me drove here


“You got something already?” He asked. I knew he was referring to the case of my parent


“I narrated the death of my parent to my master ; his name is Donald. But his facial expression made it seem like he knew something about it ” I said.


“Really? I know Donald and his father very well. He knows nothing about it ” The man said.


“But his actions…” The man interrupted before I could complete my statement.


“Trust me ,he knew nothing of the matter ” The man said and I didn’t know what to say again.


How is he even so sure that he knows nothing about it? Did he really trust them that much.



I think there is more to this.


“About leaving sir ” I said and stood.


“Alright” He said and I walked away.






“Please don’t kill me ” He pleaded on his knee.


The men in gun chuckled.


“I’m not here to kill you. I still need you. How much do you need to keep quiet on this issue for life?” One of the men in mask asked.




“Half a million dollar” The man kneeling between them said.


“Deal!” One of the men surrounding him in gun said and they walked away.

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