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“I’m really impressed with the way you won. Just when I thought you had lost , you prove your strength” Donald praise me at the living room where we both sat.


“I’ll defeat that girl anytime , any day ” I boasted.


“I guess that was just a luck on your side. Anyways, I’m glad you back as my property. After I had sold you , I felt empty. I didn’t feel protected unlike the time you are always with me ” He said.


“Jennifer is more interested in having you back than protecting you. I just knew it” I said.


“Falling in love is the least thing on my mind right now. I do not know when she will realize that I had stopped loving her. ”


“I will let her realize that sir.” I said.


“Oh! I really wish the both of you can stop contending”


“Unless she give in to what I want. If her interest is to protect you a 100 percent. We would have being pal but majority of her interest is to see you show her love and fall deeply in love with her. Whereas ,she’s not really in love with you but the money you possess” I said and he sighed.


“I heard the conversation” Jennifer said as she appeared by a pillar centered beside the large living room.


Donald and I peeked at her at the same time, I was surprised she was listening to all what we were discussing but decided to hide my expression.




“And so what?”


“Oh! So what? You really think because you luckily defeated me at the context , you can now beat me right?” She asked but I remained mute.


“Plus , who told you I’m here to make Donald love me? Who told you I’m after his money?” She yelled but I remained mute still.


“Jennifer, take it easy” Donald said.


“I wish I can but don’t you see that this girl keeps giving me a wrong identity before you?” She asked Donald.


“Just take it easy. I do not really want you guys to keep fighting ” Donald said.


“Then the best way is to sell her off, sell her to a very terrible master this time ” She said and Donald lowered his head.



“Your shouts is making Donald have headache ” I said and she furrowed her brow and came to me.


She threw a hot slap to my cheek and without hesitating ,I sent two slaps to hers.



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