Thu. Jul 11th, 2024

A driver was ordered to drive me from that very place straight to Donald’s house. They do not give Kim and I any more chance to have a conversation.




I know he must have felt sad. I never knew he had being training me for my freedom. But I really want to be with Donald. I can’t place why? But it’s kind of fun with Donald.


The car I was drove inside Donald’s compound. I guess he heard the sound of a car drove in and he came outside to have a view of it.


The driver stepped down while I remained in the car. I could see he and the driver walk towards the car and that was when I stepped down.


He was so surprised to see me , I just shot him a smile and leaned by the car.


“Well ,you know whichever property wins is suppose to request for anything from the leader” The driver said and he nodded still curious of what actually brought me to his place.


“Many properties in the past had always requested for their freedom but the case with her is different ,she requested for a different thing entirely ” He said.


“What did she ask for ?” Donald asked gently.


“She asked to be brought back to you and continue to live as your property ” The driver said.


“No. This is a joke right?” He couldn’t believe what the driver just told him.


The driver chuckled and went to the driver’s sit.

“She’s back bro. See you some other time ” He drove off.




“You prefer to keep being my property than being free ?”


“I just don’t want you to get hurt anymore sir and the only way is for me to be around you. ”


“Why do you care this much for me to the extent of sacrificing your freedom?”


“It’s just in my nature to care and protect people , I do not have any odd reasons ” I said.


“But you know how wicked I could be , do you think I’ve changed ?”


“Doesn’t matter sir ” I said and he stood akimbo still surprised about the decision I made.


“What is that girl doing here ?” I heard Jennifer’s say and I watched her as she stepped down the house towards us.



” what’s she doing here?” Jennifer asked again looking at Donald for response.


“She’s back”


“Back! Back where ? ”


“She’s back as my property ” Donald said.


“No ,this can’t be true. But why? Hey! Why did you have to come back here ?” She faced me.


“So he won’t get kidnapped again and almost get killed like it almost happened the last time you claim to be protecting him” I said and she smirked and walked towards me.


“I can see you have pride now since you defeated me at the context. If I had won, I would have asked of you to become my property for life ” She said and I just watched her without expressing any emotions.




She walked away angrily.


“You can go inside ” Donald said and I walked inside

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