Sat. Feb 10th, 2024





Kim and I sat at a edge if the empty stadium.


“See this ” He said and showed me who I’ll be fighting with today on his phone.


It was a fat woman who was said to have entered the quarter final twice.


“She’s very good. I hope you will be able to defeat her ” Kim said.


“I won’t disappoint you sir ” I said and crowds start entering.


We went to sit at the special sit made for camp masters.


Time for Jennifer to fight her first round finally clocks and it was with a very huge man.


In thirty eight seconds ,she sent the man to the floor breathless. She received rounds of applause and loud cheers from the crowds as she walked away from the ring Victoriously.


My time to fight finally clocks and I walked boldly to the stage. While staring around and raising my two hands up to appreciate those who are in support of me ,my eyes with that of Donald and he lowered his head gently.


I feel like running to him and hugging him saying ” I really want to fight for you”




But I can’t.


The bell rang and I began fighting with my opponent.


I was able to defeat him in three minutes.


I received cheers and claps and walked victoriously away from the ring.


Just before I stepped down the ring , Jennifer’s face and I met and she smirked.


I walked to Kim and he praised me. “Three minutes is much. I wish you can start defeating people in seconds. Jennifer seems to be so skilled. Very skilled. If you do meet her in final ,she might easily defeat you ” Kim said.


“I need to work hard ” I said.



“I will help you” He said and we waited to watch more fights till the programme was finally over.




Series of fights ensued over the days and luckily for me ,I made it to the final.


But who I met at final gave me goosebumps. It’s Jennifer.

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