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She caressed her cheeks and look into the face of Donald for whatever reason.


She brought her face back to mine and said; “you slapped me!”


“Oh! Yes,I did ” I replied and she bursted into a sarcastic laugh.


She stopped suddenly and sent two blows to me. I had expected something of such so I quickly guided it and took few steps back.


“Can we stop this now ” Donald said feeling frustrated.


I let loose of my guard and felt pathetic for Donald. I really didn’t want to do anything that will hurt him but Jennifer wasn’t willing to give up.


She sent a kick to my neck but I was slow to guide it. It hit me by my neck and I screamed as I fell to the floor cause it hurts.


She won’t stop there , She flew and threw her two knees to my chest.


I almost loosed consciousness cause her knees were too heavy on my chest. I find myself coughing out blood while I toss to and fro weakly on floor.


I watched as she squatted before me and smirked. As weak as I was ,I angrily spat saliva mixed with blood to her horrible face and she looked away at the instant and cleaned it with the hanky on the table.




She threw a hot slap to my cheek that sent my neck to the left almost getting knocked. It hurts so much that I could feel my cheeks literally get red and hot.


It hurt me that I was weak to revenge. My face darted to that of Donald and he looked away.


“I’m a special agent to the government while you are just an ordinary property. Respect me ” She said and stood.


She walked inside without saying a word.


Donald came to me and squatted before me.


“Should I call the ambulance ?”


“No,I’ll be fine ” I said and tried to stand up but he helped me.



Aw! His beautiful hands feels so good on my hand and waist.

His lovely scents covered my nostrils that even in my weak state ,I can’t stop looking at him.


He helped me to a seat and we both looked intently into our faces.


“What can I do to ease your pain?” He asked but I was lost in thought of how beautiful he is.


“Hi ” He said and I came back into reality.


“Did you hear what I said ? What can I administer to you to get better ” He asked.


“I will be fine ” I replied and he left me.


He came back few minutes later with a first aid box.




He began to administer it to me and it feels so good. I can’t stop myself from adoring him in my heart.


I never knew he is this caring and loving.

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