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Turns out you meet Donald’s property ” Kim said.


“Maybe, but she’s not her property actually. She’s sent by Donald’s father to protect him” I said.


“Oh! No wonder she’s just so skilled in fighting. Do you think you can defeat her?” Kim asked.


“She has defeated me many times, I can’t really say ” I replied.


“At least ,believe you can first then put in your best. I had thought you new fighting skills plus take out your time to watch her fighting skills in the previous stage fight and find her weakness. All you need to find in your opponent is it’s weakness. ” he said.


“Noted sir ” I said and went to my training room and began to develop my fighting skills the more.




The day of the final battle comes. I want to make Kim proud cause he had really taken his time out to teach me all sorts of skills that could help plus I had being able to identify some areas of weakness of Jennifer.


I walked to the stage and my fans from the very first day I start to fight start to hail me. About a minutes later, Jennifer entered and the loud adoring from crowds were more than mine.


It kinda make me feel inferior considering the fact that she had grown more fan than me. Maybe because of the ways she had easily defeated her opponents.




The fight commenced and she won in the first round.


While resting and waiting for the second round , my face met with that of Donald. I expected him to be happy but he was sad instead. His face is lean and gloomy despite the fact that his agent; Jenifer is wining.




I took my eyes to my boss; Kim and I could see a look of disappointment in his face.


Oops! This Jennifer is just so good. I hope I will be able to defeat her this round.

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