Thu. Jul 11th, 2024

Dead” I shouted.


I just needed to do something to stop them from shooting Donald.


I’m so sure they heard my words so I ran and hide beside a car at the compound of the house.


Just as I expected , someone walked outside in search of who made the sound.


I do not really know how many of the men are inside , I do not want to take any reckless action but I still had to do something to stop them real quick.


I brought out the knife I hid at my back pocket and threw it at the guy darting his face around in search for me.


The knife hit him by the side of his neck and he fell to the floor choking.


I kept watching for any more silly moves from any of them. I crawled as fast as can to where the guy lay dead or unconscious at and dragged him away from the entrance to the side of house.


“George! George!” I heard someone call from inside. i knew at once that the guy I had just taken down is Geroge.




Two men came outside holding their guns like they suspected that something is wrong somewhere.


“Boss , we can’t find the guards and George ” One of the two men that just walked out said.


“Something is wrong somewhere ” the second man said.


“An enemy must have infiltrated ” The first man said and a man came from inside the house with two men guarding him by the two sides.


“Where is George?” The man I assumed to be their boss asked.


“Can’t find him boss ” One of the men replied while I just stayed hidden behind the car. I wasn’t peeping cause I know they might see me that way.


I only inclined my ear to what they were saying.



Now that I know that the men left are five. I should strategize a better plan to take them down.


“Search everywhere” He commanded.


“Good! This is exactly what I had being expecting. I wanted them to disperse.


Two of the men began to search while the boss stood still with his two guards standing in his both sides.


I brought two knives out of the pack of knife I had kept with me. I peeped to target the two men behind the boss but one of them smartly saw me.


” Here she..” Before he could complete his statement , I sent two knives into the men’s chest.


The boss looked to the left and right and saw that the two men are down.


He looked towards my direction and I smiled at him.


I ran to where he stood and he hurriedly rose his hand in surrender.


I commanded him to move inside and he obliged.


“Boss ” I heard the remaining two men called from outside.


” Tell them to wait for you outside ” I whispered into the boss ear and he did as commanded.


“I knew you wanted him dead cause of his father , not fair ” I said and the man just kept looking at me.


“Loosen him” I commanded the man and he went to the chair that Donald had being tied too. He loosened him and Donald stood watching me in utmost surprise.


I knew he wasn’t expecting me to come for him.


“Command the two men to come inside ” I said and the man obliged.


The two men outside came inside ignorantly and I leverage on that to send a bullet each to their laps.


They fell to the floor and before the boss himself could run out. I sent him a bullet at the back.


I held Donald by the hand and we both ran out of the house. I stopped a cab and we hopped in.




It drove us safe to his house and we stepped down together.


“Bye, sir ” I said and lowered my head gently then ran back to my new boss house.

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