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Following Day.


It was noon. Kim had invited me to a very large room in the house. It was filled with all sort o fighting kits.


“Wanna teach you some stuffs that you must know about fighting. ” He said and I nodded.


I’m tried of being defeated most times. Jessica bullies me often when I was in Donald’s house and he defeated me easily when I arrive at his house too.


Oh yeah! I wanna learn.


He taught me the theoretical aspect of the fighting first after which we began practical.


It was very tiring but I’m not gonna give up anytime soon. I must know how to fight as much as possible.


We suddenly heard the visitors bell rang and we paused. We were both sweating in our fighting wears.


“I can’t remember inviting someone over today ” He said and I just watched him.


“Anyways ,let’s check ” He said and I followed him. We both walked to the entrance and he opened the door.




Behold ; it was Donald.


“Donald , how are you?”He greeted ” Can’t remember inviting you over ”


“Yeah ,I need to discuss something urgent with you” He said.


“Urgent? You should have called to inform me at least. I have plan for every days and I don’t just allow abrupt visit ” He said.


“I’m sorry. Can I enter ?” Donald requested.


“Of course. But please inform me before coming next time ” Kim said and we all went to sit.


“So Donald , what’s the urgent information?” Kim asked Donald.



“It’s simple”


“Maybe ,tell me ?”


“I want Jessica back ” He said and Kim giggled.


He paused the laughter and continued laughing again.


“Are you sure you are alright?”


“I know what I’m saying. Jennifer is making life hell of a living at my place. She’s suffocating me. She had even neglected her primary mission of saving me. I would have died like a chicken if Jessica had not come to safe me ”


“Story for the gods. Do you have anything else to say ” Kim demanded.


“I came for that purpose ”


“Were you sleeping when you sold her to me plus this girl over here is now an asset to me. I’m not selling her to you or anyone. She’s mine forever. Selling her back to you is an absolute impossibility ” Kim said.


“I’ll pay double of the amount you paid ” Donald offered.


“You could pay times 10,Donald. Jessica is an asset that I’m not selling for any reason. ”


“Why? Why is she an asset to you. You could just buy any other girl ” Donald pushed further.


“I do not understand what you meant by other girls. Jessica is my property and there is nothing that you can say that can ever make me sell her. ”


Donald sighed and lowered his head. There was a brief moment of introspection while I just watched the two men without expressing any emotions.


“Jennifer , do you wish to come back to me ?” Donald asked me.


“Yes” I said in my mind cause I really want to go back to him. I have a special soft place for him in my heart. I do not want him to be hurt.


“No” I said. I needed to let him realize his mistake


“You see that. You sold her and now you want her back. Even the girl likes me that he does to you” Kim said and I could see pain written all over the face of Donald.


Tears dropped from the corner of his eyes as he stood.


“I knew I make one of the biggest mistake of my life by selling you to him. But Kim ,if you do change your mind ,inform me ” Donald said and walked out.


I feel like running after him and going with him together to his house.


“Amazing. Why did you safe him then since you are not willing to go back to his house ?” Kim asked.


“Cause I do not want him to be hurt ” I replied


“Hum! I really thought you love him”




“I did not ” I replied and I felt a tingle in my heart. I can’t explain but the words I just profess made it look like I betrayed my feelings.


Do I really love Donald?

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