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I peeped from my room gently waiting for those enemies to approach and after few seconds , two men and a tall Lady came to view.


They were holding a very big gun hung across their shoulder and a revolver in their hand.


I do not know why many people are after Donald.


I set my gun and was calculating whom to shoot first.

I need to be able to shoot the three of them at once but that will be quiet impossible


Once I shoot one ,others will retaliate before I could even shoot.


I need to be strategic , If they do not know that I’m with him , then my plan will work but if they know…this will be very difficult , then.


I peeped and I fell the floor all of a sudden because someone has sent his kick suddenly to the door that I was standing behind


And the force had made the door hit me to fall.


I watched one of the man entered where I lay , he just looked at me and stretched his gun at me.


“I’m with you ” I quickly said. I just need to say something that will not make him blow my head off just like that.




“With us?” He asked surprisingly still stretching the gun at me.


“Yes, I said and stood from the floor and dusted my cloth.


” what do you mean by you are with us ?” He asked and lowered his hand down but still maintained his gallant position.


I suddenly heard a shot of gun and fear gripped my soul , not knowing if it was Donald that got shot or something close.


I angrily gave the man before me a heavy knee kick on his thing’ He groaned a bit and I hurriedly sent him two kicks on his chin and neck.


I do not have tome to fight with him , I had to quickly destabilize him by hitting him on the strategic places of his body.


I hurriedly picked my gun, I’m glad he hasn’t seen it yet. I hit his two eyes with the gun and hit his head too. I know it’s impossible for him to see gain for life plus he has fainted.



Remaining two enemies , I walked out of the room carefully to Donald’s room


I saw a man and a woman standing before Donald , Donald was holding his shoulder and kneeling before them.


I need no one to tell me that he had being shot by the shoulder.


Fortunately for me , they did not know I’m behind them.


I hope it’s just three of them that came because once I shoot , if there are others outside , they will definitely charge in


Should I go outside to check first to confirm if there are enemies left but what if they had killed Donald by then.


No! I’ll stay here.


“You, your father cheated on us and we promised him that he’s going to receive a news of the death of his son” the lady said and I just listened attentively.


After speaking with Donald for a while “Bye Donald ” The girl said and wanted to shoot but I shot her by her neck immediately. Before the second man could turn to see who or what shot , I had shot him by the back


They both fell but I know they could still release a bullet that could send either Donald or I down , so I hurriedly sent one bullet each to them after which they gave up and kept groaning in pain.


I looked to the side of the stairs hoping that no one was coming because I need to be certain that the enemies are just three.


I ran out to confirm and I was glad to realize that the enemies are just three and the three enemies had being conquered.


“You saved me ” I heard Tucker said still holding his shoulder and I just nodded.


“I’ve always saved you and you’ve always being cruel to me ” I said that in my heart




I hurriedly called the ambulance because Donald was losing so much blood , the ambulance came around and carried Donald to the hospital for treatment.


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