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Jessica ^


I heard a knock on my door the following morning. I dragged my heavy foot to the door and opened it to see Kim.


“Good morning , Sir”


“How are you. Sorry I interrupted your sleep but I’ve got a very important message to tell you” He said and I stood very well ready to listen.


“While surfing the camp’s website yesterday. I noticed that they hosted a fighting competition among masters that had graduated from the camp” He said and I could barely understand a thing of what he said.


“Camp graduates! What does that mean?”


“Every one buying and selling men and women as property must have gone to school at Camp must have collected license to do that , otherwise , when caught , they will be jailed with no one to help” He said


“Oh! Does that imply that you went to school at Camp?”


“Yes , including Donald and every other masters in South and North America”


I nodded my head in understanding.




“I know you are still learning but if we win , you will have the opportunity to actually meet many top officials in the business word ”


“But I can hardly fight. You are just teaching me. Why don’t you fight yourself since you are very good in fighting”


“It doesn’t work that way. We the masters are to present our most skilled property to take part in the fighting competition. ”


I sighed and wondered how the competition would be. I can fight as much as I wish and I’m just learning.


“When is the competition commencing?”


“In an hour time. It’s going to be in stages. Three stages for the first three days.


If you could win those three stages. Then you will fight through the next stages of Quarter final and semi final till you meet the best fighter on the other end to fight with at final. ” He said.



“You are saying it like you are so sure that I would get to final ” I said.


” I don’t fail and you shouldn’t. Believe in yourself ”


“I’ve always done. ”


“Good of you , get dressed and let’s move” He said and walked away.


I hurriedly went inside and went to take my bath. I dressed in my blue jeans , blue polo T shirt and a white trainers.


I walked to the sitting room where he leaned by the edge of a chair and he smiled on seeing me.


“You look fit and beautiful ” He said.


“Thanks , sir ” I replied and he suddenly sent two kicks to my chest that send me knocking to the floor.


He walked towards me and shook his head. ” Always be prepared. First lesson” He said and stretched his hand to pull me up.


I stood and we both walked out. In about thirty minutes , we had arrived in his car at the Camp.


There were a lot of audience , just too many hanging around and waiting for the show to commence.


Those guards were not allowing people in yet but Kim and I entered freely to the empty stadium and he led me to some people sitting afar in the left side of the stadium.


On getting there , I saw Donald and Jennifer.


Kim and Donald shook while I just lowered my head a bit to greet Donald and totally ignored Jennifer.


“Jessica is fighting for me ,you?” Kim asked.


“Jennifer is ” Donald replied.




Kim smirked and said ” Good luck to the winner in advance ”


Kim and I walked away from them.

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