Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Following Day. ..




I was so sad , extremely sad that Donald had thought it fair to sell me off after all I had done to protect him.


A night mare that I do not even know nothing about. I was dressed in my red gown and strolled to the living room when I saw Jennifer walking towards my room.


“Was just about to invite you over, follow me ” She said and I wondered why she’s coming to invite me over.


I followed her to the living room and I met a man , very handsome with a curly hair and a bright smile standing.


His ear rings we’re shining and obviously very exorbitant.


“Here she is”Donald said to the man and the ma shot me a smile.


“Wow! I’m buying her ” I heard the man say and that was when it dawn on me that the man before me is the one to acquire me.


I really wish I do not leave Donald. Not just because of my interest but because of his safety also.


Donald handed a file to him and he scribbled some words into it. He handed over the book back and looked into me.


“I’m barrister Kim. I’m your new buyer and I just made a contract with Donald. Please get dressed and let’s leave right away ” He said to me.




“Like right now?” I asked looking at the face of Donald, Jennifer and the man but they didn’t respond.


It worst when I do not even have freedom over myself. I walked inside and get dressed and pack my luggage and followed the man out.


I could see the look of happiness on Jennifer’s face. I walked out with Barrister Kim. How he became a barrister at this very young age still surprises me.


I entered his car and to my surprise, he wasn’t with any bodyguard.


He was the driver himself and he drove me to his house.


He stepped down and I did too.


“Welcome to my abode. Fortunately for you. I don’t usually buy people and if I do , I do not treat them like a slave. ” He said shooting me gentle man smile.



I just stood watching him not knowing exactly what to say.


“Come over “He said and I followed him inside.


” How good are you in fighting?”


“Very good sir ” I took pride in myself and he chuckled.


“How about we have a duel?” He asked.


“I do not want to beat my boss sir ” I answered and he laughed.


I was force to smile too and he challenged me to walk outside with him.


This man is just so cheerful. Not sad not making life a difficult one like Donald.


The man and I stood in a fighting position and began to fight.


In just thirty seconds. His two heavy kicks sent me off to the ground that I not only fall , I lost consciousness.


I woke up on a very beautiful bed and golden bedroom and darting my face around, my face met with that of Kim; smiling as usual.


“I do not know how a beautiful lady like you end up being a property being sold here and there, ” He said and my mind darted back to the killer of my parents immediately.


My face dropped into sadness but I quickly faked a smile. I do not want him to know anything about me. At least, not yet.


“Don’t be sad. You won’t regret staying here. I thought you said you can fight?” He teased and I smiled and looked at him.


“How about we fight again?”

I furrowed my brow on hearing what he said


“Just joking, be fine as soon as you can,” He said smiling and walked away.


Hum! I like Kim. He’s free.


I picked my phone beside me and the first notification I received was that a certain billionaire had been kidnapped just an hour ago.


Seeing the location that the operation takes place, I was scared already that it shouldn’t be who I was thinking.




I read further searching for the name of the billionaire that was kidnapped and I finally found it.


Oh, my days!

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