Thu. Feb 15th, 2024



I passed the backyard of the house thinking of a loophole to pass inside but I’m sure he would have known that I went out.


I was staring around for what I could do to safe myself when I heard a cough from behind me.


I turned knowing fully well that it’s Kim.


“Hello! May I know why you went out without informing me?” he asked.


“I’m sorry , Sir. I needed to safe Donald ” I explained.


“And were you able to safe him?”


“Yes , I was ” I replied as he nodded.


“I hope you know you disobeyed my rules?”






“Good , follow me ” He said and I followed scared of what he is about to do me.


We finally got inside and he suddenly turned at me. He looked intently into my face and brought his face closer to mine.


He smiled faintly and lowered his eyeballs to my lips.


“Be careful ,I wanna k!ss you” He said and I furrowed my brow.


“K!ss, why k!ss?” I asked and he smirked.


“That’s the punishment ” He said softly and brought his face closer to mine.


I moved my head back and express my dissatisfaction.



“Kiss is for people who are in love ” I said.


“Like you would have kissed Donald ”


“Huh! I’m not in love with Donald ” I said.


“A lie. You are. And guess what? I think I like you ” He said and finally moved back.


“You are mine already. Let me confirm very well if my heart is not just playing a game on me. I might marry you” He said and went to sit.


I stood dumb founded.


“Nevertheless , I should still punish you for disobeying me “He said.


” please ,forgive me ” I pleaded.


“‘Forgive’ is not a word in my dictionary. Now , come and sit on my laps ” He said and I furrowed my brow.


“I do not think I can do that sir ”


“Are you disobeying my command?”


“Only those in love does that sir ” I replied.


He faced me and smiled.


“If Donald told you to sit on his laps , would you say NO?”


I furrowed my brow and thought for a while.

I do not think I can reject Donald’s offer. Oops!


“Speak up?” He asked but I didn’t know what to say.


“You do not know what to reply with cause you will definitely oblige without thinking. Don’t you think you are in love with him?” He asked.


“I do….I do not think so. He’s just my boss ” I said.


“We shall see ” He said , stood and walked away.


I exhaled and felt happy that he didn’t punish me.


Hey , but common? Do I love Donald?…

Erm…I do not think so. I’m just kinda caring.




I went to sit and feel so sad that I’m not in Donald’s house. I miss him.


I wish he did not have to sell me.

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