Fri. Feb 9th, 2024

I got to the place and sat by a bench waiting and staring around for Jennifer to show up.

After few minutes of intense anticipation , Jennifer finally showed up from a car that had just parked at a nearby garage.

She looked around for me while I waved my hand so she can sight me. She did sight my presence and walked towards me.

“Hi Jessica”

“Hi” I retorted her greeting and stood. “Where is the place?”

“Are you sure you are ready to do this , Jessica”

“I am. Just tell me the place already” I requested.

“It’s a suicide missi…”

“I said I knew , just tell me the place ” I interrupted angrily at her persistent discouragement.

“Fine ” She said and walked me to a street , she pointed the house to me and I nodded.

“Thanks ”

“How can I help?” She asked.

“Help? You didn’t help Donald when you were suppose to , how are you so certain that you can help him now?” I asked and she looked away pathetically.

I excused her and walked towards the house. It was well fenced and of course guarded.

I walk to the entrance boldly and planted a gentle knock on the iron gate.

The gate opened and a fair short man came into view.

“Whom did you request to see?” He asked.

“You ” I replied and walked seductively to him. He was surprised and confused at the same time but he stood still.

I rubbed his chest and kissed the air while twisting my body like that of snake.

A smile formed on his lips as he examined me from head to toe.

“But I’m at work, now” He said.

“Does it matter , I brought a c0nd0m” I said to him and winked and his mouth dropped in surprise.

I could see bu-lge form on his trousers and he turned his head back in search of whatever.

“We gave to be quick , then ” He said and gestured for me to enter.

He quickly directed me to the small hit built for him at the house but I could see heavily built and armed men patrolling the house prepared for anything.

This is going to be serious that I thought.

I stood inside the but waiting for the man and he did come after a while. He began to unhook his belt and I just walked towards him and knock him down with a blow in his neck.

I peeped from the glassy window of his hut that allowed whoever is inside to see who is outside and does not allow those outside to see who are inside.

I count the number of men who were at the front of the house patrolling with heavy guns.

They were four. But they were well built and with the way they are walking around. They seem to be prepared for any move.

I watched and strategies how to take them down in a moment.

I cried out like someone was hurting me while I watch their reactions from the glass.

“They paused and inclined their ear to the sound coming from me. They wanted to be sure that they were hearing the round sound and I persist in releasing the sad sounds also.

Two waited while two walked towards the baseman hut.

I kept crying and stood at the entrance hoping I can easily knock the two if them out without sounds.

I was glad when I saw a. Very heavy iron rod that the gateman uses.

I picked it and the two men entered one after the other with their guns hung on their shoulder.

While they were wondering what the cry was for , I hit the two at the head with the rod and they fell without making a single sound.

I stopped the cry and waited for the reactions of the two other men. They kept patrolling and I suddenly let out another scream so they could show up.

They did looked at themselves and walked towards the door again. I did the same thing I did for the other two.

I walked out of the Gateman’s but afterwards and ran in the house carefully.

” your father made us do this, We have to kill you before he thinks of saving you, shoot him” I heard a man say from the inside.

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