Sat. Feb 10th, 2024

The day breaks and I opened my eye after a very deep sleep.




I went to take my birth and I suddenly start to hear screams.


I hurriedly bathed and cane outside. I went to check Donald first to see if he is fine.


After I had confirmed that that he’s alright. I walked outside towards the direction of the sound and found out that it was Jennifer that was screaming.


On setting her eyes on me. ,she furrowed her brow.


“How in the world did I get tied like this?” She asked.


“Are you asking me? I did anyways. ” I told her.


“What the…” She tried to free herself but she couldn’t.


“Oh! Now I remember…ouch!” She touched her head.


“You threw bottle to my head. How can I ; a special agent for the government be tied down like a dog like this.. I promise you that you will rot in jail” She threatened but I just smirked.


“Don’t you think you will rot here first ” I said and went to sit by a couch not too far from her.




“What! Come and free me right away ” She command.


“Oh really! You still have the gut to be commanding me. I just showed you that you shouldn’t play sh!t with me ,I’m dangerous ” I said


“You are dangerous. ” She repeats and smirks.


“Dangerous. I will prove who I truly am to you if I can get myself freed from this place and where is Donald?”


“Free yourself and go and in search for him” I replied.


“F***. How do I get free from this damn thing?”


“Are you asking me? Common! You should be smarter than that. Anyways , I need you to beg me before I release you” I said and she laughed



She laughed more for quiet a while and pressed her eye on me.


“Beg you arrogant poor thing! No, just take a look at your ugly poor soul. Protecting a man that will later sell you off in the future. Shame!”


“I guess I’m better than you. I’m loyal and I’ll protect him by all means ” Just then Donald walked towards us.


“Oh my days!” He exclaimed.


“You did this?” He asked me and I replied “Yes”




“Cause of what she did for me while I was trying to make you have a good sleep” I said.


“Oh! This is horrible , please release her ” He pleaded.


“She’s very stubborn. Proud , I so dislike her. I need her to beg me or she rot there for life. ” I said.


‘Beg you…are you joking?” She said and I just looked away angrily wishing that Donald would not come by that time.


“Release her ” Donald said sternly in a commanding tone and I had no choice to but to let her loose.


She stood and dusted her cloth and smirked at me.


“I can’t imagine myself being tied like a dog” she mumbled.


“This has to stop. I need ya’all to stop hating on one another. You should protect me each and you should even learn to work together not fight every time” Donald said.




” Just let her be my baby” Jennifer said and held the hand of Donald. She pulled him and they both walked away leaving me standing.


“Why is Donald just always weak around this girl! Did he still love her?

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