Fri. Feb 9th, 2024





I returned back to Donald’s house that very day meditating on what the man narrated to me.


I hope the man finds out more specific details on whom the killer of my parents were.


I drove in and I noticed Jenifer walk from under the shed located at an edge of the compound to where I just parked the car.


I stepped down and tried to ignore her but she called me “Hey! ”


I paused not turning back. I took few more steps away not saying any word.


“Are you so barbaric not to respect me? ” I turned to her.


“Who gave you the right to drive this car to wherever you went?” She added.


“When did this car become yours? Why not go inside and ask the owner if he gave me the right to drive his car instead of asking me ” I answered.


“I hope you know that standing before you is the special agent for the government ” She boasted.


Before I could say any more word , she added. ” And hope you realize that you are nothing but a guard to Donald and that he can dispose you anytime ”




The last sentence may be true , though. I felt somehow at her words and decided not to drag any more words with her.


I walked away from her and went to lay in my room. My primary concern now is not even about this proud Jennifer of a girl but the killer of my parents.


The door slide open by itself and I turned to see who could be at the door.


It was Donald.


He walked in sullenly and walked towards me. I adjusted to a sitting position and wondered why he had come to me.


“Can I have my sit?” He requested.


“Sure boss”



He sat and looked to the ceiling of the room.


“Recently , I kept having some horrible night mares. I see you always in my dream chasing me with knives ” He said.


“Huh? Why in the world will it be me. I have no issues with you , Sir?” I said.


“Maybe , but I’m thinking of a way to avoid that dream cause it’s now persistent ,I think the best option is to sell you off to another rich mogul. ” my face dropped into sadness on hearing that.




“I’ve being a good servant sir , please don’t sell me off. I have no idea of what is causing your nightmares ”


“I’ve made up my decision already. I just came to inform you” He walked out.

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