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I maintained some sort of distance from Donald but covered him with my sight. I suddenly noticed two men appeared from behind me.


I hurriedly faced the wall and watched them with the sight of my eye to where they are going to.


I noticed they went and stood at the entrance of the bathroom that Donald went to ease himself.


Jeez! So if I haven’t followed him here , they would have hurt him again. This enemies are just everywhere.


I wish I can defeat the root of the enemies once and for all so Donald can live a life free and devoid of enemies.


I was with gun but I do not think I’ll shoot it so as not to create a scene here. i should be able to defeat these two.


My only fear is if they do not have others hanging around the building.


I paused my meditation and pressed my eye on them two enemies , after few seconds , Donald stepped in and they gripped him by the hand. The turned his two hand ready to handcuff him like they were cops whereas I know they aren’t.


Their act doesn’t in any way looks as that of a cops.


I ran towards them and flew; sending a tough kick on the head of the first guy.




They took their attentions from Donald at once, the first one staggered to the back but wasn’t falling. The second one had hurriedly brought out his gun and stretched it to me.


I do not have the time to peek at Donald to see how he feels at the moment but I know he must be frightened of what may happen to me.


“I guess you are the girl after all” The guy pointing the gun at me said.


“Do you wanna shoot or waste my time here?” I asked knowing fully well that he can’t shoot because they will be casted and arrested.


He laughed thinking I’ll be threatened by the gun and the laugh of lockery.


” watch out. ” His friend told him when I bent and sent a kick to the hand of the guy holding gun.


Before he could act on what his friend said , the gun had fallen from his hand.



I wasted no time to exchange blows with the first guy that gun had just dropped from while the second one just watched in surprise ; my fighting skill.


The two guys are really good cause I’m really finding it hard to defeat them.


That can only mean that I have to work harder in my fighting skill.


The second one grabbed me by my neck all of sudden and I was struggling to let go of his grip but it was too tough of me.


The second guy took advantage of that and sent a punch to my forehead. I do not even feel any pain but angrily brought out gun from my pocket.


They were not aware that I was with a gun which gave me an upper edge.


I used the gun to hit the head of the guy holding me. He let out a slight scream and let go of me.


I shot the second guy at the left leg. The sound was horrible and I knew sooner or later. The security guards will arrive there.


I held Donald by his right hand and we both ran as fast as we could through the other entrance of the building.


As soon as we get out , we saw the cops arrive already.


“What do we do now?”


“Don’t worry” I said and went to female’s toilet to drop my gun inside a sink.


“Let’s leave ” I walked hand in hand with Donald.


“Are you alright , are you fine?” The cops who were passing the entrance we were exiting asked.


“Yes , we are ” I replied smiling while they walked inside in search of whatever has caused the gun shot.


We both entered the car and I drove home as fast as I could before the cops would even charge us as a suspect.


On getting home.


“Sir , please stay in the car , wanna find out something ”


He agreed by nodding his head.


I stepped down and walked inside the house. I saw Jennifer sitting and eating pop corn


She turned and saw me alone. She hurriedly stood and shouted ” Where is Donald?”


“The enemies captured him”


“What! I said it , you were the reason for his kidnap right? You will rot in jail , you proud senseless girl ” She said and sat and continued eating her pop corn.




“Aren’t you going to do something for what had happened to Donald?”


“I don’t care what happens to him. It’s even an opportunity to get more money from his father ” She said happily and continued eating her pop corn.

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