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“I can see you are becoming a big girl now ” The man walked away from the entrance and went to sit.


“I do not know you sir ”


“I know that , I should be the one asking what you came to do in my house plus you barged in like a thief”


“Oh! I’m sor…” I tried to apologize but he interrupted


“Never mind. I was expecting you. I knew you would come back sooner or later in search of who killed your parents.


” Did you know why I bought this house?” He asked I shook my head.


“Sit down ” He said and I obliged.


“Well, I bought it to find out whom the killer is. On the day I parked inside this house. I began a thorough investigation on whom the killer is but the killer is too smart to trace. ”


I kept watching him,listening attentively to every bit of his word.


“One needs no one to tell someone that the assassin was well trained. I didn’t stop at searching this place alone. I proceed into finding the series of people that died in the same week.




I did find out but couldn’t find them having anything in connection with your parent.


I listed those that died on the day your father died and It was just a man.


I found out that the man who was also killed with your dad also had his wife and children killed on the same day which means that same assasin murdered them” He said and swallowed.


Hum! This is getting interesting now. This man had already made my investigation easy.


“Please ,go on sir “I said after realizing that he was just smiling faintly and looking into the air.


” I went to the man’s house and everywhere was locked. It hasn’t be sold at the moment. I was strolling round the house finding any clue when I saw a car drove in roghly.


I was quick to hide but peeped carefully to see who it was. It was a young boy , If I see him; I recognize him.



He walked into the house and came out with something in his hand ; I really can’t say what it is. Then he drove away.”


I thought for a moment but I still can’t continue my investigation form where he paused.


“Please , proceed sir ” I requested and he nodded.


“Get me water!” He said and I stood and get him water. He gulpd it in and exhaled.


“I began to find series of pictures on the internet , day in and out just to find out whom the killer is but couldn’t.


As a matter of fact, I invited a professional artiste to draw the diagram of the boy I saw cause even if he is not the assasin , he might have come connections with them or at least be a clue to the killer of your parents ”


“Wao! This is so impressive sir. But if I may ask sir. Why did you take it upon yourself to investigate this hard into the murder of my parents?”


He smiled and gulped in water again.


“You father, I and one Mr. Bruno use to be very close friends and we were in a three men deal when your father suddenly died. I need to know if one of us had killed him or the source of his death was from outside.


If I find out that it’s not Bruno that killed him , I wouldn’t have fears of being killed too. But if Bruno killed your father , then I might as well be dead anytime soon”


“Oh! But why do you suspect your business partner?”


“Cause we are in a very delicate and illegal business. We did not really trust each other, we just did it and we are cashing out big time. ” He answered and I nodded


“My boss would have being expecting me , sir. I need to go”


“What’s his name?”


“Donald sir” I replied and walked away.




“Hey! Hey!” he called as I walked out.


“I’m late already sir. See you some other time ” I said and drove away

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