Fri. May 10th, 2024





I walked inside my room and sat and thought about my parents. Their death remains a mystery to me and a continual source of sadness.


How In the world will someone be so cruel to murder my mom and dad in a cold blood in one single night. I’m glad that I’m getting trained day by day.


I’ll find whoever kill my parents and kill not just him but his entire family. I’ll shoot them all dead in cold blood so my parents can rest in peace wherever they are.


I kept thinking of whatever could be in the killer’s body that may at least make me recognize him when I come across him but I couldn’t.


That very night , he was dressed in black from head to toe and I was so scared to even look at his face.


I need to go back to that same place that my parents get murdered to see if there is any trace of the killer


I walked out of my room and went to where Donald and Jennifer sat.


“I need to visit somewhere , sir. I’ll be back soon ” I said and Donald watched me sternly.


“You do not have the right to leave this house. Have you forgotten whom you are my p….” I cur in before he could complete his statement.


“I understand sir ,It’s very important sir , please , just this once ” I said and he exhaled.




“You are not going nowhere b***h, can’t you just listen to simple instruction” Jennifer said but I just ignore her waiting for Donald to give me go ahead.


“I do not feel at ease letting you just leave like that ” Donald said


“Trust me sir ” I said and he nodded. He then signalled for me to leave to which I did.


“You shouldn’t let that arrogant girl leave ” I heard Jennifere say to Donald but I walked out swiftly before he could change his mind.


I drove Donald’s car away to the where my parents were shut dead.


It use to be our house but my aunt sold it already and I’m glad the owners are not around presently.


I walked round the house searching with all my heart for any clue that could just help me.



Remembering the day that my parent died made me sad. It kept hunting me and I must find the root of the cause of their death and those that thought it evil to make me an ordinary property of somebody.


I went to the entrance and watched around ; not seeing anyone. I broke the door and barged inside the room.


I began to search Every where hoping that I would not be caught.


I just need a single clue. No matter how minute it is. I just need to find something that could help.


I stood at the exact same place that the killer stood that night and the door suddenly opened.




I turned abruptly and saw a man who should be in his forties standings by the entrance but not surprised to see me.


“I know you , your parents were killed few year ago in this same house, “He said still standing at the entrance and I was surprise at how he knew.

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