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Ronald charged at me firstly and I was quick enough to guide it , I gave him an upper punch in his chin and he groaned a bit. I know he wasn’t expecting me to use that tactics.


Ryan had charged at me also but I was quick enough to send him a two resounding kicks on his neck.


I realize that the fight might take longer than expected and they may even end up beating me , but If I’m smart they wouldn’t.


I had already learnt that the best way to defeat people is to attack their sensitive part. Before Ryan could stand up , I jumped on him and and kicked his ‘thing’ so hard. He screamed out loud and was force to loose consciousness for a while.


I could see the look of shock in Ronald’s face l. He positioned himself well this time and pounced at me with a different tactic , his heavy blow sent me knocking to the floor


My head ached seriously , before he could come over to my laying state , I stood and pretended to be weak but I was so strong on the inside. He loose guard a little since he now saw how I was doing like I would faint anytime soon


To him , he just need to give me one or two blows and I would faint. However , I sent him a straight sudden kick in his neck and he choked before he fell.


I raised my two hands up victoriously and my face darted at the handsome man who was still leaning to his car with the gun in his hand.




He clapped and took few steps towards where I had just fought with Ronald and Ryan


“Quiet incredible that you could beat this men” He said and I lowered my head in honour


I was so happy and glad for believing in myself.


“Follow me” He said and I obliged.


I’m still very curious to know his name , I summoned courage and asked him “what’s…your name , Sir?”


He paused and looked at me.


He shot me an angry look that still looked handsome anyway.



“I need to give you new set of rules. How dare you ask of my name? Seems you did not know me , just because you win the first stage battle ,you think you can now speak to me freely” He said and looked away and I was both shocked and disappointed.


“My name is Donald ” He said and walked inside while I followed.




“There are people that are consistently after me , I need you to be loyal and guard me with all your strength” Donald said sitting comfortably at the chair in the living room while I stood before him like a servant standing before his master.


“I will do all my best to guard you , sir ” I said.


“Your voice disgust me… Don’t ever speak in this house again, cleared?” He asked and I nodded.


How is that possible? When I’m not a dumb or something. …what exactly is disgusting him in my voice.


“You need to learn to use this gun and shoot it ” He said and looked at his gun like a girl looking at her teddy bear


He took me to an open space room and began to teach me how to shoot, I learnt it well but the sweetest part of the training was when he held my hand with the pistol.


My head stopped working and my whole body freeze, I can’t believe he is using his very beautiful hand to touch mine.


I start to hope and pray that he doesn’t take his hand off my hand because I like every bit of it. I wish he can just hold my hand and kiss them…I may faint though.


After the training , he went to the sink and washed his hand well.


“I need to wash my hand because I’ve touched your filthy hand ” He said as if he knew that I was curious as to why he was washing his hand.


I went to the sink and washed my hand also…I need to wash his beautiful hand away from my hand too.


“What are you trying to do?” He asked but since he said I couldn’t speak , I snubbed him.


“Are you deaf , I said what are you trying to do?” He barked angrily and quickly directed his gun at me like someone that wanted to shoot an enemy.


Wait! Has this handsome man forgotten that he said i must not talk.


If I talk, I disobey the rules , he shoot me.

If i did not talk , he will think I’m rude and still shoot me




What should I do now?

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