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I coughed and because it was night , the sound of the cough vibrated through the room. She was quick to stand from Donald in fear , as if she was about committing an evil act.


She stared around and finally brought her face to the entrance of the door. She walked boldly towards the entrance and saw me.


“What the…” I interrupted her before she could complete her silly sentence. “Excuse me? What are you doing in Donald’s room?”


The question caught her unguarded , she was expecting me to be intimidated by her but surprisingly , I threw a question at her.


“How is that your business. You have the gut to be asking me why I’m with my boyfriend?”


“How long will you have to realize that he’s no longer your boyfriend and that he will still move on ”


“Move on with who? Perhaps with you ordinary thing. How many times do you also have to realize that Donald and I are made for each other and…donot you even sleep?”


“None of your business. I’m vigilant than you are and have Donald at heart always. I can’t allow anyone or anything hurt him” I said and she smirked.


“What did you want?”


“Excuse me?”




“Leave right away” She yelled. “Leave my boyfriend and I. Is Donald even complaining?”


“No, you leave this place first. It’s obvious Donald do not like the fact that you are trying to seduce him”


“Maybe I should force you to” She threatened and I kept mute wondering how she planned on forcing me to leave.


She threw a sudden punch to my cheek and I fell to the wall. Pain surged through my teeth as bloods filled my mouth.


She walked to me and pulled my hair tight. She gave me an upper cut at my chin. I screamed cause of the pain and staggered back.


She flew and sent two heavy kicks to my chest. I fell to the floor , weak and tired.


She squatted before me.



“You weak thing must learn to respect me in this place ” She said and threw a blow to my forehead.


My head aches so bad that I originally thought I would faint. I closed my eye like I had fainted for real cause that was what I was expecting but I was still conscious.


She slapped my check and stood up.


She walked inside Donald’s room again and closed the door.


I stood weakly and spit the blood in my mouth away.


“Why are you bullying that girl?” I heard Donald’s sweet voice from inside.


“She will never maintain her lane in this house. Let me teach her to respect me” She said and anger arose inside of me.


I thought instantly of what I could do to hurt her.


I searched around and went to the fridge. I picked a bottle of whiskey , emptied it and went to the room.


I sent several kicks to the door and by the time I entered , she had already stood ready to fight whoever is trying to break the door.


She was stunned to see the bottle in my hand and my red face that depicts how angry I am.


As much as I want to wound her , I do not want Donald to be affected


She flew towards me ,directing a knee kick towards me but I was quick to guide it.


Before she could balance , I threw the bottle on her head and she fell to the floor with eyes closed.


She began to shake her head right there on the floor but I wouldn’t stop. I picked the bottle from the floor and went to her in a bit to break the bottle on her forehead but Donald stopped me.


“Please, just leave her ” Donald said and I exhaled like someone trying to control her anger. Nonetheless , I shouldn’t just leave her this way.


I ran outside and came back with a chain. I tied her legs and her hand and dragged her to the front of the house.


I tied her to the pillar of the house like a mad woman tied from running away.


All this while, her eyes were still closed. She hasn’t recovered from the bottle that hit her head yet.


When she wakes tomorrow and sees herself in that position. She will learn to respect me instead.




I walked back to Donald’s room. He was squatting on his bed like someone meditating.


“Please , have a good night rest sir. I’ve taken care of her. I would never allow anyone hurt you , sir ” I said and closed the door to his room gently and went to sleep believing he’s now going to have a good night rest.

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