Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

Jenifer , the bullet )




He made me stand and I stood so close to him that I could almost listen to his heartbeat. His beautiful scents clouds me and made feel like hugging him.


He took few steps back and watched me intently.


“I do not understand what is happening? Is there something between the both of you?” Jennifer asked.


I looked at her and smirked.

He simply cares for me cause I meant something for me.


She cat walked and went to where Donald stood. She rubbed Donald’s chest through his singlet and hugged him but Donald wasn’t receiving the hug.


“Don’t allow this thing of a girl get into your head. Remember that she’s just an ordinary personal assistant ”


“And you are an ordinary agent sent to protect him and not to caress him” I scolded Jennifer and she paused what she was doing to Donald but didn’t turn her head to glimpse at me.


“I shouldn’t reply a fool. Baby, look into my face…can you please find a space in your heart to forgive me. I know you still love me and I love you too. We can make this thing work out again”




Donald looked away , trying all his best to avoid eye contact with her.


“Donald , you know we are meant for each other right?” She pulled Donald’s face to hers and took her lips closer to k!ss him but I shouted hurriedly.


“Aaaai! Are you sent here to k!ss him?”


She turned back angrily ” And what is your problem with my mission here?”


“We have equal right here , miss Jennifer. Enough of you hurting him. You do not love him, you love his money. Just leave him already ” I said and she walked angrily to me.


She pulled my hair in such a way that it hurts and I angrily punch her on her face , let my self loose from her grip quickly and ran away.


She began to run after me while I just dribble her around the compound. She fell all of a sudden and began to gasp.



I was scared and went to tell Donald what happened to her.




Donald ran inside and brought a tablet , he ran to her and quickly inserted the tablet in her mouth.


She opened her eye and gripped me all of a sudden in my neck. I began to chock. She gave me a blow on the neck and I passed out.

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