Tue. May 28th, 2024

The girl can fight)






I was at the backyard of the house jugging and training myself more to fight. I need to keep myself fit always and skilled in fighting and shooting so I can always defend and help Donald anytime the enemy shows up.


I heard the sound of a car drove in and I paused what l was doing. Could it be the lady that Donald said is coming to protect him?


I jugged from from the backyard to the front of the house and I saw the very decent car parked at our garage.


My eyes darted to Donald who was leaning by the pillar of the house with a long look that depicts that he’s sad and worried.


I felt sympathy for him and looked to the car hoping to see the person inside stepped down.


The window slide down and I saw a lady in a black spectacle , she opened the door of her car and stepped down gorgeously in her hills shoe.


Her hair are dark and long. She’s exquisite.


She walked towards Donald. “Hi Donald. It’s being a long time”


“You are welcome ” Donald replied.




She brought her face to me and pressed her look on me like I was some sort of gods.


“Who is she?” She looked at Donald’s face.


“Jessica, my proper… My personal bodyguard ” He corrected himself and I was glad from the inside that he didn’t refer to me as his property especially before his ‘past’


“Oh! Hi Jessica” She walked towards me


“Hi” I greeted bluntly cause I do not really like her ; for being the reason why Donald is depressed.


“A personal bodyguard!” She chuckled at me and covered her mouth. She peeked at me from head to toe and shook her head.


“This girl doesn’t look to me like someone that can even kill a cockroach , how do you end up having this petite girl as your bodyguard and a personal one at that?” She glanced at Donald for response.



“You could try her out ” Donald leaned well on the wall.


“For real!” She giggled and dropped her little hand bag.


“Okay , baby girl. Seems you are training already. Come over ,let’s have some hand to hand fight ” She adjusted her standing position to a fighting position. Her face became hardened and scary.


I’ve always believed in myself. I don’t care if she has being a special agent for many years for the government , I will try to defeat her.


I removed my gloves and adjusted also in a fighting position.


Donald stood and watched.


She ran towards me and send me a leg kick by my left neck but I bent and she missed.


I sent her a kick immediately to her second leg and she fell to the floor.


I stood watching her proudly as she lay to the floor. She couldn’t believe she fell so easily.


She felt ashamed and quickly giggled even while on the floor. She did a front flit to stand up.


“Seems you are tough indeed. Time to to teach you some lessons ” She said and charged towards me again.


We started to exchange blows , moving closer and farther.


Her blow hit me by my forehead and I staggered to the floor. She took advantage of that and sent me a kick by my chest. I fell to the floor immediately.


Her kick were so heavy that I thought I would faint. I began to gasp cause I felt so much pain in my chest.


She looked at me on the floor and smirked. She glimpsed at Donald victoriously


“Do you still want to continue the fight?” She asked and I shook my head.


It’s obvious I can’t defeat her for now , maybe after I had developed my fighting skills more in the future.


She stretched her hand to me and I received it. She helped me up and dusted my cloth.


She pressed my heart repeatedly and I felt relaxed a bit. I hurriedly went to find somewhere to sit cause it still hurt a little.


“She tried , though” She walked to Donald.


“Let’s move inside ” Donald walked inside while she picked her hand bag and followed Donald.




This girl can fight for real. No wonder ,she’s assigned by Donald’s father to help Donald.


I rested for a while outside and walked inside also.

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