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Now I confirmed the kind of love she had for Donald. She’s only after the money he has.


I turned and went out. Donald was still inside the car.


“Please ,come down sir ” I said respectfully and he stepped down.


“I hope you’ve settled scores with her?”


“Yes , I have ”


We both walked inside the living room where Jennifer sat.


“Hi Jennifer ” Donald said adjusting his tie as he walked to his room.


Jennifer turned all of a sudden and watched Donald leave for his room. I could see the look of surprise in her eyes which later translate into disappointment.


She looked down like someone trying to grasp what is happening but couldn’t get a clear understanding of it.


“Donald! How did he ?…” She couldn’t complete her statement before she picked her phone on the table and hurried out.




There is something fishy about this girl. I tip toed towards the direction she passed and I found out he went towards the backyard.


I leaned by the wall , not too far from her in a bit to listen to whomever she wants to call.


After few seconds….


“What the f*… Why in the world is there digit not going through?” She lamented and I wondered whom she was referring to.


I peeked and saw a look of weary on her face , her emotions had being destabilize. I walked away.


At night.


I do not really sleep off because I have Donald at heart. His protection is my first priority.



I suddenly heard sounds of steps walked before my room. I stood at once and waited patiently for few seconds after which I opened the door in such a way that will not make noise.


I peeked and saw the back image of Jennifer. I saw her planting a soft knock on Donald’s door after which she entered.


I guess Donald opened the door for him. What in the world did this girl want with Donald at this time of the night?


I took a step after the other , very slowly and gently in such a way as to not arose suspicion of Jennifer that I’m tracing her.


I stood behind the door and watched her carefully.


“Sorry , I disturb your sleep”. She said and looked down like someone sorry for what she just did “I’m glad you came back home safely. Hope nothing odd happened at the party?”


Donald yawned and stood. He went to rub his face with water , dried it with towel and came to sit on the bed.


It’s obvious he’s feeling sleepy but something just always makes him weak whenever this Jennifer of a girl is around him. I guess it’s because he had once being in Love with Jennifer.


One can’t say precisely if he still loves Jennifer but he certainly goes through pain every single second of his life because of how Jennifer whom he had loved and trusted with his life had betrayed him.


“Well, I was attacked but Jessica helped me out. ” He finally replied Jennifer.


“Oh really? I could have done much better if I were there. You know I can fight well more than she?”


Donald nodded and blinked his face. I just know that he’s still feeling puffy. His face are swollen and red.


“The most important thing is that she saved me. You wanna tell me something else?” Donald faced her.


She adjusted her sit closer to Donald and began to rub Donald by the chest seductively.


“Donald , please find a place in your heart to forgive me ” She said and squatted on Donald.


Still rubbing his chest while Donald just watched.


“Please ” She said softly and began to pull off his night top.


“Can we stop this , please. You are tempting me” Donald pleaded.


She brought her lips closer to that of Donald to k!ss him.


That’s one thing I can’t allow. I wouldn’t stand here and watch this betrayal of a girl just plant her silly lips on that Donald.


And who knows , one thing may led to the other.




Should I just shout ‘stop’ or cough and run away.


What can I do to stop them in such a way that will not implicate me or make Donald feel unsecured.?

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