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“We are leaving Jennifer behind?” Donald said turning back to see Jennifer jugging after the car


“Yes , you didn’t invite her sir ” I said and drove faster away from the house before Donald could change reconsider to tell me to halt the car for her.


“Aren’t you scared of her?”


I chuckled at Donald’s question. “I’ll be able to defeat her someday , I believe ”


“You believed? Hilarious. Do you think the day you will ever be able to defeat her will come? This is someone that had a special training in fighting and is accredited by the government. You have no special skill to defeat her. She has subjected herself into so much torture at school , I could remember those days when we were together.”


“That’s not a factor , sir. Ronald and Ryan are special agents and I defeated them still ”


Donald nodded and kept quiet.


I’ll just have to keep developing my fighting skills.


Following the map that Donald had set , we finally arrived at an event center. We entered and I saw many men sitting in couple.


Donald and I found a sit and sat.




“If anything beyond control happened to me , Jennifer would put the whole blame on you , are you aware?”


“Nothing is going to happen to you , sir. Be rest assured. And sir…are you really scared of Jenifer?”


He hesitated and looked straight “I can’t say”


I hummed and began to listen to the programmes as it evolve.


“I want to ease myself , wait here for me ” Donald said and stood.


I watched him walked away and I stylishly followed him. Nothing must happen to him for real cause Jennifer would put the whole blame on me


* Side scene *



“She is very frustrating and disrespectful”


“Just command us , boss”




“Alright , Kidnap Donald so I can use that opportunity to let Donald know that she’s not capable of protecting him and also use that opportunity to sue her for being responsible for the kidnap of Donald. She should learn her lessons the hard way like that ”


“No problem boss , on it “

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