Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Jennifer’s offence)






I was inside the sitting room watching movies , I have no idea what Donald and the agent are doing inside. .


“I do not like this , just stop it ” I listened to Donald who was coming towards the living room.


“Common, Donald!” The agent said and I was forced to stood.


“Just leave him already” I said even though I did not know what had transpired between them. I just didn’t want her to hurt Donald.


“Excuse me? What’s your business?”


I kept mute and refused to reply her.


Donald sat on the chair and she went to sit beside Donald.


I sat at the other side of Donald without saying a word.


“What are you doing there?” The agent asked me and I smirked.




“I should ask you that same question. Leave Donald alone , please. ” I said to the agent and her face changed to that of anger.


“Donald , warn this useless thing of yours ”


“Jennifer , Leave me. Please ” He said and her face dropped.


The agent’s name is Jennifer.


“You mean I should stand and leave?”


“Yes, please “Donald replied, obviously frustrated.


Jennifer stood and sniffed angrily. She shot me a killer look and barged away angrily.



” sorry!”


“Thanks ” He looked into my face.


“I’ll leave now so you can have your space ,don’t let that Jennifer of a girl disturb you again” I said and stood.


“Have your sit , Jessica” He said softly to my surprise and I sat back beside him.


“You do not care to ask what happened? ”


“I do not want to intrude into your privacy, sir ”


“I understand. I’ll tell you if you don’t mind ”


“Sure , sir ”


” She came to my room and start talking of the time we were dating and how she loved me so much. She said I’m wicked for not forgiving her and not wanting to be with her again even after many years ”


“Oh! She must have done something terrible”


“Yes , she did. I caught her red handed making lust with my driver once, she made lust with my closest friend also twice and I caught them red handed and I still forgive her after many days of pain,sadnesses and depression because I loved her so much ”


“Horrible. She must be a d0g”


“You know what she did that made me vow never to forgive her again? She had being taken my weak side for her for granted and I need to let her go after this very sad occurrence ” Donald said and cried.


I inclined my ear to listen to what that Jennifer of a girl really did for the last time that made Donald made the decision never to forgive her again.”


“She kidnapped me for three days without food just so she could get a ransom from my father. I found out by her silly mistake and she didn’t deny it. How in the world would you call that kind of person your girlfriend?”


“Sad. She obviously didn’t like you , sir. Or, she just claimed to love you cause of the money you have”

Donald nodded ” It hurts so bad that someone I love so much could do that to me, do you think love only exist in movies? I do not think there is anything like mutual love in reality. It hurts till date. My heart is broken , no one can heal it. ”


He cried.

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