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Teach him some lesson)






I planted my lips on Donald’s lips gently and OMG! It was so sweet , he wasn’t responding for the first few seconds but at some point , he began to respond and k!ss me in return.


I moved closer to him and he also hugged me by the back with his right hand as we continued kissing. None of us could think straight at that moment. We were both lost in lust.


“One minute” I heard the coordinator say and we continued k!ssing still. I realised that the other two couples were still kissing also.


“Two minutes!” The coordinator said and Donald grabbed me more and began to kiss me like he wanted to make love with me right there and then.


At some point , he start to get bored and was losing the appetite to continue kissing. I held his head close and continued kissing him.


“Two couples left ” The organizers said ; implying that a couple had given up and so lost.


“One couple left! 30 seconds to go” the coordinator said and I was so happy.


I kissed Donald more passionately while he responded lightly.


“Time up! ” The coordinator said and came to hold my hand. He raised it up and announced me as the winner of the day.




Every body gave me a round of a pause and we were told to step down the podium.


I was so glad actually but scared immediately I stepped down the podium with Donald. I have no idea what his next move is.


“Meet Me at home ” He said and walked to the car , I walked swiftly after him. He entered the car before I could even get there and drove off


Oops! I’m done for today.


“Well, Donald , we will see tomorrow!” I said and went back to the party.


They have replayed the music and everyone was dancing. While I stood stranded watching everyone , a man came to me and request for my hand in dancing.


I accepted and he drew me to the midst of people dancing and we start to dance.



We were smiling at one another as we danced.


“I’m Noah” He said and pulled me closer, He pushed me again while I turned ; we continued dancing.


“I’m Jessica” I replied still dancing with him.


“What a sweet name ” He whispered to my ears and I blushed.


“Everyone is here today with their spouse , why did you come alone?” He asked.


“Erm… Well, Just felt like ” I replied.


“Oh! Sorry for this question , though. But where is your spouse?” He asked


“I do not have one , I have a master…I mean; I really do not have a spouse ” I said.


“Alright…I’ll wish to be one someday or perhaps for this night ” He said and I smiled.


After a while, we went to sit and he ordered for drinks and snacks. It was my favorite snacks actually so I was eating while he kept saying all sort of gist.


I was just chuckling at the funny ones and smiling at the not too funny ones.


He’s just trying to keep my company. My eyes suddenly darted to the entrance of the hall we were and I saw Donald standing at the entrance obviously searching for me.


Oops! Donald will spoil this fun for me. He had probably thought I will find all means of going home too so he can just shoot me and die but I’ll rather have fun here first.


His face suddenly met with mine and fear gripped my soul so hard that the snacks I was chewing fell from my hands.


The man noticed it and looked towards the direction I was facing ; by then , Donald had being coming angrily towards me like he would devour me.


The man foresee what could happen and hurriedly stood to challenge Donald before he could get to me.


He blocked Donald’s way.


“Leave my presence Mr.” Donald said but the man just laughed and angrily pushed Donald to the floor.


Donald fell to the floor and he was ashamed , many ladies around chuckled mockingly at how light he was.


He stood up and find a way of looking at me


“Now ,get out of here ” Donald ordered me and I stood ready to leave.


“She’s not going anywhere, stay behind. ” The man ordered and I just stood watching the two men.


The man faced me


“Who is this proud boy to you?” The man asked.


“My master ,I’m his property ” I replied


“Master! Property!” The man replied and suddenly some huge men were coming from the left entrance of the hall


“Boss, what is happening here?” They asked Noah.


“This boy here is threatening my pick for the night. Can you imagine ” Noah said and the bouncers angrily carried Donald up the stairs of the hall.




“Where are they carrying him to?” I asked Noah


“To beating room, to teach him some lesson that men should learn to respect ladies “

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