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Don’t kill him)






I just kept mute


“Don’t be scared dear , he can’t do anything for you. I’m your hobby for this night ” He said and I just faked a smile


So after this night , I will be left to face the wrath of Donald.


I realized that the man’s next move might be to take me to a room and have something with me so I just told him that I had seen my period and that I will be leaving right away to clean myself up.


He didn’t even argue or force me to clean myself , he just told me that I can leave and gave me his complimentary card ; if I ever need his help , I can put a call through to him.




I was in Donald’s compound hiding behind the flowers scared of what he may do to me as soon as he comes to the house


A thought that I should actually leave his house and run away to somewhere far where he will never fine me cross my heart but another thought told me that it will be foolish and that I should just stay. I decided to stay hidden.


About an hour later, a car drove in , I peeped from behind the flowers I was hiding and I saw that it was Donald’s car




Fear grew in me that my legs were literally shivering.


“I peeped as he stepped down from the car. He leaned by his car and looked around.


His face were swollen and his cloth was soaked with blood.


Oh my days! He had being brutally beaten.


” sorry Donald ” I said softly.


I watched as he put a call through to someone ,after a while , two men came and I recognize them immediately to be ; Ronald and Ryan.


Those two guys that taught me how to fight yet I defeated them , he had suspended them for weeks and now he had called them back.



They were surprised to see him in that state and I saw them muttering some words to each other but I was in a far distance.


After a while , Donald walked inside and those two men stay around the house.


I hid still where I was and wonder if the place I was hidden is where I would be for the rest of my life.


At night!


Those two bodyguards were still patrolling when I heard the sound of a bus that came to a halt before the house. In few minutes, the enemies had start climbing over the fence with heavy guns in their hand and this time they were many.


Oops! This Donald of a guy just have too many enemies. No wonder ; he lost all hope already that he could ever live long.


Ronald and Ryan saw how many those enemies were and they just surrendered at the moment , they knew that trying to fight the numerous enemies is the same as committing suicide.


The enemies tied Ronald and Ryan to the pillars of the house


I counted them , they were eight in number.


“Make sure you deal with that lady first ,before getting to Donald. In fact , bring that lady to me here ” I heard a man I assume to be their boss ordered loudly from the top of the fence that he sat on


That was when I knew that they were nine.


Three entered while four stood outside.


I’m not with a gun , I need to find a way of helping Donald.


About ten minutes later , the three enemies came with Donald. Their boss saw it and jumped down from the fence and came before Donald.


“What of the lady?” He asked those men


“We can’t find her , sir.”


“Oh! Where is your lady?” The man asked Donald and while Donald was trying to raise his head sullenly to reply , the man gave him a resounding slap


Donald fell to the floor as a result of the hard slap. They picked him up again and I almost cried for Donald…Donald is really going through a lot.


“I asked where the girl is?” The man asked and raised his hand up to slap Donald again.


“I do not know , I left her at the club” Donald hurriedly replied.


“Shame on you! Well, I was informed that the girl defeated those I sent firstly to kill you. If she’s here , she would have watched you die ” The man said and brought out his gun




“We will snap your dead picture after killing you and send it to your stubborn cr@-*ck head father ” The man said and stretched his gun to Donald while Donald lowered his head. One will know that Donald had given up on life already.


“Don’t kill him” I said as I stepped courageously out of the flowers.

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