Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

Our faces interlocked)



^Jessica ^


I came out of the house to the compound of the house to do some exercise but I saw Jennifer training herself. She was punching some punching bags and her posture was fit.


“Hi” I greeted and watched her still punching but she just snubbed.


“Seems you do not like someone greeting you?” I said and she paused what she was doing.


“Jessica , I do not want to bully you in this house. You know I can beat you right?” She said and walked closer to me. ” Learn to respect me” She slapped my cheeks gently and went to continue her punches.


“Why do you feel so proud…that’s your problem, though. But I just come to warn you ,don’t ever make Donald cry again” I said and she busted into a dry laugh.


“Very funny Jessica is warning me. For real? Are you serious? You mean I should not make Donald cry or you will…beat me” She laughed again and walked close to me.


She bent and looked into my face cause she’s taller than I am.


“Now ,listen to me. You are nothing to Tucker. While I had once being his girlfriend. He use to love me and my primary mission here is to make him love me again. So please , miss Jessica ; the fighter. Mind your business ” She said.




“You had hurt him in the past and it’s obvious you are only after his money. what you have for him is not true love…and , there are many men in the world, why choosing Donald”


“None of your business. Whatever I choose to do to Donald is none of your business ”


“Of course ,it’s my business. I may not have dated him in the past but I can’t stand and let just any…anything hurt him”


“Sorry? Who is anything?”


“You of course ” I said and she arched her brow.

She looked away and smirked.


She sent me a blow suddenly at my forehead and I fell to the floor.


My head aches so bad.



“Jennifer!” I heard the voice of Donald and I turned my head to his directions.


He was just on his play singlet and three quarter Jean. “Why are you hurting her? ”


“Tell her to be respectful ”


“Ouch!” I held my forehead in pain as I stood.


I looked at her angrily and stood like a fighter , my fist pointing to her and ready to fight her.


She smiled and signaled for me to come.


I ran to her and we began to exchange blows , she was guiding all my blows perfectly that I was almost getting frustrated at just how good she is.


She sent me a heavy blow in my stomach and I cried out. My stomach hurts.


She sent me another blow in my left shoulder and the heaviness of the blow made me fall but Donald ran to stop me from falling.


He used his right hand to hold me and looked into my face. Our faces interlocked and I could see myself in his beautiful dark eyes.




His pink lips made me forget the pain going through my body.


He is just so handsome!

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