Fri. Feb 9th, 2024



(Waiting for the female agent)


I watched in pain as Donald ran to where I was , he stopped me from falling by guiding me with his hand.


He looked into my face without saying a word. For the first time in my life , I saw Donald care about me.


But the pain was eating me deep and I felt like I would die soon.


I wanted to tell him “thank you, sir” and although my mouth was moving , words were not coming out.


He ran and loose Ronald and Ryan. They ran together to where I was but I gave up already.




Thinking that I was dead ,I opened my eye and found myself lay in a very beautiful room. I wonder if this is how heaven looks like until the door opens and I saw Ronald enter.


“How are you doing now?” He asked and for a while , I examined myself to see if I’m better




“Yes…fine. ” I replied and placed my hand on the side that was shot to see if it still hurts.


“I’l glad” He said and walked out.


Few minutes later , Donald came in.


“Heard you are getting better ” He said as he approached where I lay. His eyes were cold and depressing as always but cute, anyways.


“Yes sir ”


He nodded. “Would you like to eat something?”


“No sir…I’m fine ” I adjusted on the bed to a sitting position.



He looked away and exhaled. Like someone thinking about something.


“We will be having a visitor in few hours to come ; My dad has ordered her to come and protect me ,she’s an agent and very skilled but what my father didn’t know is…” he said and paused.

His lips were literally shaking and I became more anxious to know what he wanted to say about what his father was oblivious of.


“When my father sent me the details of the female agent , her picture , names and other profiles. My heart suddenly became pierce into pieces ,she’s the reason behind my pain and sadness and when I thought I would die someday cause of depression but at least live longer a little while on earth because I would never get to see her again…” He lowered his head and finally allowed tears pour.


“Fate had brought the same girl to not just my state but my house , we will be living together , going out together. My horrible past is coming to stay with me” He said and cried the more.


Even though I haven’t fully grasp what he meant , Nevertheless , I still felt pity for him and wonder what the girl could have done for him in the past that made him a mere shadow of himself.


“I try to convince father from letting her come, though. But father insists that she’s the best agent and he can’t afford losing his only heir” He took few steps away from me and looked towards the door.


He turned back at me and narrowed his look. “Just telling you, hope you guys get along”


He walked away and I stood immediately. His pain! This girl is his reason behind his sadness!


Oh yeah! I really want the lady to come over. I wish we get along so I can get to ask her what really happened in the past but what if we are not getting along?


I guess we will be fighting often then cause I can’t stand and allow him hurt Donald the more.




For the first time , Donald cared really cared me , he confided in me his pain and the person behind his pain.


Hum! I’m waiting for the agent to arrive.

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