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She save him.)




I watched as their boss smirked on seeing me.


“Sweet girl!” He said licking his lips lustfully


“You really love your boyfriend. You even cane out for him just so won’t die” He said


“He’s my master not my boyfriend ” I corrected and he chuckled. He laughed sarcastically and shot me a look that depicts to me that I’m foolish


“Well, let me be your new master, I should need you” He said.


“You see, I was really surprised when I found out you singlehandedly defeated three of my workers. That’s so impressive of you”


“Please ,don’t kill him” I said.


“Oh! Loyal girl. What’s your name?”


“Jessica ”


“Jessica, how about you fight with three of my men hand to hand. If you win ; I won’t kill Donald but shoot him in his two legs three times so he can become paralyzed for life but still alive ” He said smirking.




“Agreed ” I said and Donald came to look at my face. He took his face away from me and lowered it.




Their boss selected three men to come forefront and battle with me. They all gave us space , there was light everywhere and we all stood before ourselves in a fighting position.


“Jessica , did I tell you what will happen if you loose?” He asked.


“You haven’t”


“Well, I will kill Donald by shooting him on the head and kidnap you for life ” He said and I nodded.


“Agreed ” I said and folded my blow. I could see a look of surprise at the face of his guards , they were probably wondering how a girl like me can be so courageous but even me do not know if I will be able to defeat them or not.


I just believe I will because I have always believed in myself and I never let a day go without training to become more skilled in fighting since I know now that Donald has many enemies.



“Start ” Their boss ordered and the fight started.


“Stay behind ,I’m enough for her ” The fattest man among the three men ready to battle with me said and the two other men let down their guards allowing the fat man to fight me.


The fat man twisted his neck and I could hear cracks of bone. He ran towards me and threw the first punch but I guided it.


He kept throwing many punches and kicks while all I do is to guide it. He got frustrated and shouted. “Fight me , you daughter of a beeeeech”


I smirked and did a zigzag front flit that confused him. I flew to his head ; my knees squatting on his shoulder.

I gave him an heavy hit on his head with my elbow and I felt him become light and going down.


I know he is down , I flew away from him before he could fall to the floor and flew to those other two guards , before they knew what was happening , I had sent them kick on their chin.


They screamed out loud as they fell. They stood angrily to fight me but before they balanced , I sent double kicks to their chin again.


I went to one of them and slay him with my hand on the neck , he fainted or died instantly ; I can’t say.


The third one had stood by then and was shifting back in fear , I suddenly heard a gun shot and I turned in fear to see if it was Donald that got shot but he is not. Instead , it was the third guy.


“I shot him because he’s scared. I hate weak people” I heard the boss say and I smiled victoriously


“Hum! Impressive ” He said and directed his gun to shoot Donald.


I noticed that there are just five men left so I said “please wait! Why not let me fight this five men , if they win , you can then shoot Donald in the leg ”


He furrowed his brow in surprise; “all my men? ” He laughed.


“Funny, those that fought with you are the weakest one among us. Just one of these five will easily defeat you. Anyways ,as you have said ” Their boss said and I went into battle with those five men.


I allowed them to beat them mercilessly just so Donald can see the sacrifice I’m making for him.


I lay down with blood dripping from my mouth. They thought I was weak and was about to die but they never knew that it was just a tactic of making then loose their guards.


While they were already celebrating their victory , as swift as possible , I was knocking them down one after the other with my kick going straight to their neck.


I finished them all by giving them all a blow at their left chest.


Before their boss could know what was happening , I threw my shoe to his face from where I am. He shoot sporadically so I won’t be able to get to where he is.


I charged towards him anyways and hit him by the face , he stagerred back and his gun fell from him. He turned and ran back while I follow but he jumped the fence perfectly than I would do. Before I will jump the fence over to meet him , he had entered the car and drove away




I flee the fence back and noticed that my cloth was soaked with blood. I checked my body and found out I had being shot by my side. I held my side and suddenly beIgan to feel serious pain.


I fell when the pain became serious and lost consciousness.

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