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In a situation of life and death, Eliska El Toro used her only land of treasure she inherited from her grandfather as a collateral to collect loan from the government bank..


An insider who haboured deep hatred for her since birth, went to the manager of the bank, collided with him to take away her land…


Eliska dug and got gold from her land, which she used to repay her debth..


The governor of Los Angeles and the manager of the bank wants to claim this land at all cost using their power and influence…


Who is going to own this treasured land..???


Find out!!!




I’ve always been tagged as a disaster..


I was born in Germany but lost everything after my dad passed away..


I was just eight years old.. but the memories of that day kept taunting me everyday of my life..


Even in my dreams..


My mother and I moved back to dad’s hometown in Los Angeles due to the mistreatment we received from my uncle and his family.. We couldn’t live like slaves in our own house..


We were sheltered by my grandfather..


I became his favorite grandchild which made my cousins and close relative to despise me with so much passion..


But I never felt the same way towards them Even though the thought of their hatred towards me freaks me..


I loved them all as my family with my father’s word’s in mind each time am


mocked or mistreated..


He would say


‘When people throw stones at you.. it’s not because they hate you but because you’re a good fruit..


Do not stoop so low to their level by throwing stones back at them, rather, throw them your fruits..’


His words always strengthen me..


I was fifteen when my grandfather passed away, I inherited his favorite land and ranch..


Since that day, I became more miserable..


I countered different challenges and difficulties but I stood firmly and save my land.


Though I’ve lived as a slave in my father’s house which has miracously became my


uncle’s house..


How it happened??


I still don’t know!!!


But I didn’t give a damn about it…


I wanted to go to university to further my education but uncle Zak refused to sponsor me..


My mum begged him and pleaded with him but he tossed her away like some street begger..



I had no other option rather than to collect loan from the bank using my treasured land as a collateral…


I decided to farm with my land to aid sponsor my education and repay my debt..


but shockingly, I dug gold..


I was able to repay my debt at the same time sponsor my education..


But something happened!!!


Something I never expected to happen!!


I lost my land!!!


To who???


I don’t know…


But now, I’ve decided to find out and claim back my land..


Because I’ve finally found out that I never truly lost my land..


It was all a scam!!!


I’m back!!!


Back to claim back my land!!


My wealth!!


And my GOLD!!!


Β© Winner Godwin and


Grace Aghedo


August 2019


All rights reserved



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