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“I can’t promise you anything..


I still don’t know you”


“Every man has a past, we’ll talk about it on our date”he spoke confidently “So much confidence”I remarked and he blushed.. Finn Thomas is blushing…


“Even if we are to date.. I can’t guarantee that I’ll fall in love with you”I warned him


“Noted!!! I like it when you’re Frank with me and not being cunning”he remarked and I smiled..


He poured a glass of red wine for me and himself..


He gave me my glass as we both raised our glass up in the air , inch away from each other..


“Let’s toss”he requested


“Toss to what???”I questioned laughing foolishly..


“To a night without being at each other’s neck.. To this day.. To your success.. our new friendship.. our future which lies in your decision tommorow and to…” “What is going on here???”Stanley’s voice interrupted freak and my glass slipped away from my hand crashing to the ground..


stayed Frozen in my seat…




The power of a Koppel!!!




I practically dragged Ted to his room..


He was murmuring incorrect things all the way up here..


Thank fully we didn’t have to use the stairs..


We might have crashed on the way..


The design of the house is superb..


I’m glad to know that my baby brother was the Mastermind of this great mansion..


I removed his shoes and sockings..


He threw his coat to my face giggling like a baby..


I led him to the bathroom and brushed his teeth..


He looks steady after sprinkling water on his face..


“I noticed something while you were dancing with her”he spoke up as he sat down on his bed..


“What did you noticed??”I asked curiously..


“You were romancing her.. You looked like you wanted to kiss her..”he said and I smiled


“You observed well”


“Why didn’t you do it??”he asked


“Why did you truly allow me to dance with her??”I asked him back instead of


answering him..


“I asked first”


“Because she’s off limits.. Or maybe because she’s too special”I replied honestly.. “You still have a crush for her???”he questioned in disbelief as he layed on the bed happily..


“My question is pending”I reminded him


“Because i know you wanted to dance with her.. And I know she would turn you down without my consent”he replied and I chuckled.. They trust and obey each other..


I envy their friendship..


“This is the longest we stayed under the same roof without being at each other’s throats”I chuckled and Ted scoffed..


“Get your ass out.. I wanna sleep”he ordered pushing me away slightly..


“Sleep tight!!!”I murmured to myself as I walked away closing the door behind me quietly…


I smiled at the memory of our discussion…


Ted is always a sweet kid until he lost control of his anger..


When I got back to the party..


I saw Finn standing too close to Eliska, both of them holding their glass in the air smiling at one other..


Whispering something to each other like love birds


“What is going on here???”I asked as I drew closer to them..


Eliska’s drinks slipped out of her hand and fell to the ground..


Looking at me in awe..



“I didn’t mean to startle you”I rushed to her.. As I checked to see if she sustained any injury..


Gladly enough, she’s unhurt and safe..


“Dude you just spoilt everything”Finn grumbled..


“It was just a drink.. we can get another”Eliska spoke up but I felt quite uneasy.. “You guys were about to toss???”I asked even though I know the answer to my question..


“Yeah”She breathed out not meeting my gaze..


“Excuse me”she said and walked away..


“What happened while I was away??”I asked Finn And he chuckled


“I asked her out!!”he blurted out and I almost choked on my words… I felt betrayed but I tried my very best to remain calm and unaffected… Gosh!!!


She’s off limits…


“But she didn’t give an answer..”he chipped in…


“Hmm!!!”I hummed lost of words..


And he gave me a weird look..


“I was expecting a punch or something worse..”he blurted out and I chuckled..


But he’s right..


He do deserve a punch but not today..


“Why should I??? She’s not mine.. Moreover, she’s capable of making her own decisions.. I believe she knows what’s best for her”I tried to convince him to make him believe that I had no interest in her..


But I felt like I was trying to convince myself But like hell, I’m hurt..


“Strange.. But after your expression today I believe you have no feelings for her again”


“Do you sincerely want her.. Or is this another plan of yours to get back at her??”I asked for clarification..


Because I know Finn Thomas Robbinson hates defeat..


He chuckled before sipping his wine..


“You know me too well dude”he replied..


This son of a d**khead…


I feel like strangling him right here..


I have to warn Eliska..


For now, I’ll just play dumb and so he can rely in me..


“I hope you don’t get nab???”I lied..


“I’m Finn Thomas Robbinson, dude.. That’s impossible”he boosted..


Eliska please don’t fall for his trap..


Wait till I know his plan or have an evidence to show to you..


If only Ted trust me..


I could have confined in him..


But I’m just a player to him..


He probably wouldn’t even hear me out…




I lazily opened my eyes as sunshine peaks through my curtains invading into my room..


The memories of last night flood into my mind..


Can’t believe Stanley and I shared a normal conversation without mocking each other..


I entered the elevator heading to the first floor after my morning business in the bathroom..


“Good morning sir” two young ladies greeted me “Morning ladies”


“What’s your names??”I asked them “Margarida, sir…”the brown haired girl spoke up


“Catarina is my name sir”the slender one with black hair said and I nod as they walked away, both holding a mopping stick..


“Lily!!”I called out as she stepped out of the elevator door opened and two ladies stood beside her..


I recognize one but the other looked unfamiliar “Good Morning sir”they greeted and walked away “Teddy bear”Lily hugged me.. “Hope you slept well??”she asked


“I did..”I replied..


“After breakfast.. We will get a proper introduction with the workers..”she spoke up sitting beside me..


“Good morning boss”another young lady greeted us as she serve our breakfast.. “Morning to you veromeel..”Lily replied her while my mouth water as I persive the aroma of the food..


“Enjoy your breakfast”veromeel bowed before us before heading back to the kitchen.. but halted as Lily spoke up



“Send breakfast to the workers.. call Kristine and Vincente to assist you”Lily instructed veromeel and she nodded her head before walking away.. “Her food is yummy”Lily complimented the food..


“But no one can beat you in cooking”I spoke up lavishing my food.. “Where is your Mom???”I asked her


“She went to visit aunt’s husband.. He had an heart attack last night”


“Why would she go to see that man after everything he did to her??”I asked her angrily..


“That is Rocky for you.. She’s softhearted”


“It’s only an heart attack.. Juan Marcos haven’t seen anything..”I spat grinding my teeth..


“I just pity Aunt Mariana.. She’s paying for her husband’s sins”Lily whispered sounding pissed off and worried..


We continued to eat our breakfast in silence.. the only sound heard was the sound our cutleries made as they made contact with our plate.. And the low humming I made as I tasted the spicy chicken…


After breakfast we got together with the workers…


They introduced me to themselves on after the other..


Though I can identify them by their faces but I don’t really recall all their names except a few of them I met earlier..


Like vincente, Margarida, Catarina and Kristine the cleaners..


Veromeel, the cook..


Mark, Rocky’s personal driver…


Pedro, Seppe, Oska and Jasper.. Are my bestie’s personal body guard..


Then we have other guards, a few of them I can identify like Alex, Louis, Colin, Toni, Ben, and Enrico..


All the body guard are trained agents..


After the meeting we headed to the councilor’s house..


For land owners meeting..


We exchanged greetings as we sat down in our respective seat..


“We’re glad you honored our invitation”The council chaiman said introducing himself but I don’t f**king remember his name…


“It’s an honor to be favoured to dine and chart with men and women of wisdom and intergrity.. Lily spoke up flashing them a sincere smile


“As the secretary of this association, on behalf of every member of this


association… Please accept this small token from us as a welcoming present”a


woman in her mid-twenty spoke up.. She handed a gift over to Lily and she happily


accepted it..


“I’m grateful”


“Well, after a majority vote and also in repeat to our protocols, we appoint you the new head of all the land owners..


The first Queen of the lords”the council chairman said and they all applauded to his decree..


“But I’m kinda new here.. And have many things to learn from you all”Lily spoke up slightly confused and uncertain..


“We know.. We’ll send a review to you and also a copy of the protocols.. You’re a bright child.. You’ll learn quick”he explained and Eliska smiled.. “Then, it’ll be an honor to embrace such request”


“This meeting unfortunately will be adjourned till a week after today.. We will formally welcome you into this association.. By then you could have learnt a little about your new position and the importance of this association to the people” “Well in no other issue for discussion.. I second the motion that this meeting should be adjourned till a week after today”An older man spoke up and they dismissed the meeting..


I later got to know that most of the council members were ntt present in the meeting..


But I’m happy for my bestie’s success..


We went straight home after the meeting..


I’m currently in my bestie’s room..


Then it hit me!!!


She wanted to discuss something with me when we were in the car…


“What is it you wanted to talk about Lily??”I asked her as I shove closer to the edge of her bed so that I can be closer to her.. “Freak asked me out last night”she answered..


“What the f**k!!!”I shouted as I moved away from her swiftly..


“I told him I would give him reply later”she tried to defend herself but it only infuriated me further..


“You said that???”I shouted in disbelief..


“What you should have done, is punch his nose.. What the hell do you wanna think about…


Do you wanna be with him???


Do you like him??


What did you even see in him, Eliska???


You can’t date him!!”I yelled..


I know I’m being too overprotective and sounding like a d**k now but I can’t help it..


“How can you question me like that??


Who the hell do you think you are to try and control my life???


Why do you get to choose who I can date???


What rights do you have over me???”she yelled back at me..


“I can’t believe you can ask me those f**king questions.. You’re being irrational because of that worthless bastard!!!


I can’t believe you choose to be a slut with your eyes wide open??”i received a thunderous slap to shut me up…


I’m blinded by my anger now but I could still see the hurt in her eyes.. Damn it!!!


I went overboard!!!


I’m just trying to protect her from Freak…


He’s not trustable..


He only wanna insult and misuse her dignity…


I failed to explain to her in a calm mind..


I let my anger get the best of me…


“Sorry!!!”I breathed out even though I’m angry.. I hate to cause her pain.. “Even after everything, I’m not surprised you think so little of me.. You should know me better than anyone Ted.. I hate being insulted and it hurts alot to hear those words from your lips but I’ll try to convince myself that you said that out of anger and you don’t mean any words you said..


It was all in a fit of rage and nothing more”she whispered looking away from me.. “I noticed Freak’s attitude changed after he found out that I owned this mansion.. He’s motive are not pure but I’m willing to play along to get to his father..”she explained and I hummed afraid to alter the wrong thing. After a few minutes of silence..


I finally got the right words to say.. I wanted to say sorry but she spoke up before me


“I’m heading out!!! I won’t be eating dinner at home, eat without me”before grabbing her phone and purse and walked out of the room slamming the door with force..


This is the first time I’ve seen her act like this…


Could this be the end of our friendship….


Β© Winner Godwin and


Grace Aghedo


August 2019


All rights reserved



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